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  1. Need to change a lightbulb?

    Well the damn thing can stay blown, because there is no way I'd be changing this one!!:puke: Stairway to Safety - Climbing to the top of a 1700 foot tall tower to change a light bulb - YouTube
  2. Change of lightbulb in the instrument panel.

    Oh dear my bike is fightning hard with me now. Almost as if it doesn't wan't to go on the trip.. So a lightbulb died in the instrument panel, now when driving in the dark the lightbulb that is supposed to give light to my speedometer is no more. When I get up to 80 km/h then the other bulb...
  3. lightbulb to the tripmaster

    Africa Twin
    I have to change the bulb om my tripmaster. When I took out the old one it had a silver coating and some blue color down by the base. Is this the original bulb or have the previous owners changed it? I have been trying to find a new bulb but all I can find are bulbs with clear glass. Will this...