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  1. Varadero & the fitting of a lightened flywheel

    I have been wanting to do this mod for so long & finally got my act together & cut the Varadero flywheel today & fitted it. Here is a picture of the Std Varadero & VTR flywheels, the bigger is the Varadero's. Cut the tail off with a 9” grinder with cutting disc, crank was held/strapped to a...
  2. 700cc Honda parallel twin engine . . . .

    Here's a topic for discussion / speculation . . . . Just read an article in the latest Motorcycle Sport & Leisure about a 700cc parallel twin engine that they have slotted into a large wheeled step through commuter (for step through read scooter). The article goes on to say that Honda are...
  3. Fuel exhausts - Transalp 700

    Gents Fitted my shiny new can this weekend - as I am numpty I cannot post pics here, but feel free to go to fuel exhausts website, then to gallery, then to Honda, then transalp 700 - its the blue one! Perhaps the more enlightened can paste it in a reply? The blue metal on the can looks rather...
  4. Down bag-cleaning etc

    hi all, Had my down bag a while now .... its a Polish made Yeti 350 with baffles etc but it needs relofting and could probably do with some more down to make it I`m getting older:rolleyes:. who would you recommend..... over to you "ow enlightened people":happy8:
  5. Can an xl250s run a 36mm TM Mikuni?

    I am building a tuned xl250s - lightened ignition, bottom end, Joy cam. I was going to try a 43mm Mikuni, but I already have a 36mm TM flatslide (without accelerator pump). It will be a race bike so I don't have to worry about how it runs around town. Does any one have any experience of...
  6. Knowledge tends to be secretive?

    Knowledge tends to be secretive, obscure, available to the few initiated in my axiomatic opinion? Are you one of the enlightened ones? Examples--Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalism, Wicca, secret societies such as the Masons, Rosicrucians & Tantric yoga.
  7. Honda Zumo v Garmin v TomTom

    Mechanical Advice
    Honda Zumo v Garmin v TomTom At last something I can contribute to! sorry if this is covered in the forum already but I couldn’t find it. I recently got a ‘new’ Honda Zumo ‘free’ with my new Varadero – A dealer sweetener (and dealers do need sweetening) I used to have TomTom on a smartphone...
  8. KTM 990 Adventure vs. Triumph 955 Tiger

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Here goes, I've been riding the KTM for 2 weeks now and have done almost 2,000 miles on her, a mix of motorway, big & small country roads and commuting through London. So I'm ready to compare the two... This is a bit of an apples/oranges discussion, as the bikes are clearly made with a...
  9. which tank bag?

    hi all you enlightened one`s, I need myself a tank bag for the 650 alp nothing to large just for diving documents and the odd map and camera etc. Must be waterproof and fit by magnetic stuff. what do you all use and suggest sick of having to get off bike...
  10. Can you recoomend XR 125L5 engine spares supplier?

    Hi there! I just bought a 05 XR 125 witha bit of engine trouble. I want to learn a bit of rudimentary mechanics so this one suited down to ground. I've been trying to a few bits & pieces but not had much luck. I wonder can some of you enlightened sould help me! I'm trying to source the...
  11. New 1200 Varadero?

    First i've heard about this, does anyone know if this is true? Cheers! It is expected that Honda will launch an updated version of the road biased adventure bike Varadero this autumn. To get closer to the all conquering BMW R1200GS it is believed the new Varadero will get a more sporty edge...
  12. Oil suggestion please!

    Africa Twin
    My @ is using quite alot of oil - according to previous threads more that it should as I am always having to top it up. It has only done 45000km so it should have some life in it yet. I am currently using a fully synthetic oil (castrol gps). can anyone suggest a mineral oil that I could try...
  13. any Italian speakers?

    are there any Italian speakers? If any of you guys speak Italian I'd be grateful if you could help me. Ebay item 320096557763 is a silencer for an Africa Twin. I'd really like to know what it is. In particular does it include the link pipe (shown in the picture) that you need to connect to...
  14. End 2 End - A midlife crisis

    Ride Reports and Pictures Tuesday 22nd March - cold, snowing, misearble - I'm off to Lands End. Only 450 ish miles from Humberside Airport - be there for tea, says Pete. I'm on my trusty 1991 @, Pete's on a 96 Triumph Adventurer. True...
  15. A very radical Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Built by the same guys who did the Rothmans bike in my other post. Mods: - Wiseco 46 mm pistons and sleeves (848 cc) - Reworked crankcase and ducts - Lightened crankshaft - Lightened flywheel - Iridium plugs - Reinforced clutch - Higher capacity oil pump - Enlarged crankshaft bearings -...