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  1. regulator rectifier

    Do you need to keep a regulator rectifier wired into the bike if you are not having lights horn indicators etc? New to this whole wiring business on motorbikes from what I can figure out the wires coming from it are for lighting mainly apart from a green which goes to earth and a red that goes...
  2. 250s electrics

    Hi folks, I'm trying to sort the electrics out on my recently acquired 79 plate 250s, mainly the lights and switches. On opening up the right hand switch most of it fell out onto the floor and then when opening up the headlight it was just as bad with so mutch black tape and spliced in...
  3. 6v ac lighting question xl500s

    So my 81 xl500 has 6v AC direct unregulated lighting. Am I correct in thinking Ineed all the correct wattage bulbs to effectively provide some kind of regulation? With just the headlight bulb and tail light the tail glows really bright and soon fails. I see in the wiring diagram there is another...
  4. LED lighting for a 6 volt system

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm quiet keen to change out some of the bulbs on my old XL 250, to LEDs, so have any of you guys and girls had any success with this?, I'm thinking I may have to make the LED clusters my self from scratch, the only light I will not mess with is the Head light, though I did see a You Tube clip...
  5. Koso clocks?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone had got or used these? The rs2n model, waiting for delivery of the new boano fairing (many thanks to Jonathan at RR for his help) don't really want to fit the old clock set up & can't see any alternative to use. Need a speedo & temp/revs ect to go with my trusty old 550 zumo to complete...
  6. XL500S Lighting Coil

    Hi, can anyone tell me which is the Headlamp lighting coil ...... ... is it the small paper covered coil or the one that sits on top of it or the larger coil that sits opposite the other two coils. cheers
  7. Honda CRF230F rear brake light switch - MOT question

    CRF - New Forum!
    My 2007 model 2010 registered CRF230F is due for 1st MOT. Just checking it over and rear brake doesn't activate the brake light. Front brake does, so it's not the bulb. I go to check rear brake light switch, but there doesn't seem to be one It's got the standard Honda lighting kit AFAIK (no...
  8. led light bulbs

    Has anyone fitted led bulbs on their xr 250. I only ask as the xr lighting circuit is ac and I believe led bulbs are designed to run on dc.
  9. Cree LED Auxillary lights fitted

    Africa Twin
    Bought these off ebay, came from Taiwan but dirt cheap & seem good quality. Motorcycle LED Lighting 780LM 12V 24V Cree x2 Farkle My Ride Advrider Tiger 1050 | eBay Havent ridden in the dark yet, But they are definately brighter than the headlamps & will get me seen hopefully!
  10. Dashboard's Different color LED Lighting

    Africa Twin
    Hello everybody. I wanted to change the dashboard lighting of my AT, so I bought some color leds (T5 for the tripmaster and T10 for the rest). In the beginning I bought Blue leds but I wasn't happy with the result, so I bought Green and White (6000k color) leds to try. If you check at the...
  11. Honda MT50 MOT

    Other Honda
    hey there guys. recently on my other post i was told that i could tape over my lights (Lighting coil is broken) and arrange a Day light only MOT which would be ok. I was just wondering if this is correct because i really need to know if thats right. I need all the money i can get hahaha. Cheers...
  12. Sold: Single motorcycle trailor FOR SALE

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well as I'm selling my house/ garage/ and about everything else at the moment I've also gotta clear my garage of 'stuff' I have a nice little single bike trailor & all the bits for sale Good lighting board, new tyres, good spare wheel/ hammerite black ! I've used it to transport two Honda XRV...
  13. What type of Auxiliary lighting & why(LED, 55W, Ect..)?

    Mechanical Advice
    Yes I know the threads about Aux/Spot lights have been done to death but all of them recommend different types of lights. Some say get the bike bullets some say get LED spots and some say get 55w Fog lights. So what I want to know why all the choices and what would you recommend and why for...
  14. Garage lighting.

    So, the clocks have gone back and the evenings are getting darker. Que time for figuring out how I'm going to light the garage so I can at least get the bike in and out without loosing my gloves. I've been using a big rechargeable spot light, reflecting it off the low ceiling, as it and the...
  15. Extra Lighting

    Hello to everyone!! Im after extra lighting for the winter, has anyone put spots on their bike??? If so which ones can you recommend? Pictures would be great! Thank you Very Much!! Best wishes Mat:thumbup:
  16. XR4. Lighting coil disconnected – bad or OK??

    Hi all I'm new here, this is my first post. I have been an XR4 fan since bought a new one in 1999 that proved to be extremely reliable and trouble free. After having a few “modern” higher tech bikes I wanted to go back to the simple and rugged design of the XR4. But now to the...
  17. Lighting Strike

    I do not know if anyone has seen this here before .. but here goes.. YouTube - Lightning strikes in a motorcycle :violent2:
  18. Help needed wiring lighting circuit '99 XR250R

    Hey everyone I have a '99 XR250 and I've decided to set it up to be road registered. The problem is the old lighting circuit has been hacked up by the previous owner. There's not much of the original wiring left so I had to start from scratch. I basically just simplified everything to run...
  19. extra lighting

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, i,ve been looking at a new type of cycle light/torch they are known as CREE XR-E Q5, has anyone had any experience with this type of light. I,m asking as at the moment I have fitted two led head torches one either side of the head light on my xr250r, as auxcillary lights, at a push I...
  20. quick steering and lighting MOT questions

    Mechanical Advice
    My bike's MOT runs out tomorrow (oops) so I need to get it MOT'd- the only possible problems that I'm not sure about are: Sidelight doesn't work (isn't present) At full lock hand guards foul on tank I can see nothing in the MOT list that states that there must be a working sidelight (it has...