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  1. Mechanical Advice
    When i am not out on my Transalp i am charging about here and Europe on my old 1962 lambretta. The problems you get with older vehicles can now be sorted with newer materials or components i now have 15bhp :p over standard 7bhp :( and 12v lighting so thought about a HID conversion i posted a...
  2. Transalp
    Hi Guys, Ive just been on ebay and ordered some of these: LED Electropods lights RED *motorbike lighting* Item # 1041901 And of 10 minutes ago they still had a few more left, at £5.60 posted, how can you go wrong. I'm thinking of some bizevis bullets for the front, but wanted feedback on...
  3. CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, i'm thinking of picking up one of these but i would need a full lighting kit. Are they difficult to fit or is it a case of just plugging in a few connections? & also where could i buy one from? I've been looking all over the net for one with no luck.
  4. Africa Twin
    I had the front of my RD-07 apart yesterday, screen / fairing off, clocks to one side etc, changed the headlight bulbs while i was in there. Once reassembled, the headlights are great, but some lighting for the clocks etc are not on. I have a lit temp gauge, lit rev counter, and the right...
  5. Varadero
    what i need is some 35W spot/fog lamps for the front of the bike done a search of ebay etc and all i get is 55W units which are too much of a strain on my wee battery. (110W extra draw for what i want O.o) so does anyone know where i can get any 35W spotlight/foglights ?? and also legality...
  6. Africa Twin
    I just made up some LED strips for the GF's pushbike as she rides to/from work a few times a week and I'd feel better if she was more visible. Now I'm thinking about making up some custom strips for the @. Anyone know the legal limits to extra lighting?
  7. Africa Twin
    I think the lighting on my 95 africa twin is really wimpy. I wanted to isntall some aux lights kind of like the people with gs do. I was thinking lightforces like these...
  8. Varadero
    Ok Vara 1000 chaps...for those who have, where have you mounted your auxilliary lights? I've bought a set of spots and just spent a considerable amount of time "offering them up" in various locations and nowhere really seems right. I had some slight fantasy idea that the generic bracket they...
  9. Africa Twin
    What bulbs have you all gone for in the front lights rather than the originals.Or are you all happy with the standard set up. :)
  10. Varadero
    Is it just me or is the lighting on the Vara clocks quite dim? I like mine a bit brighter anyway. I was gonna pull them out and put some brighter LED replacements in there...anyone had the clocks out? Is it an easy job? Any idea on the size/type of OEM bulbs in there already? Ta :D