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  1. Crf 250 Rally soft luggage rack

    CRF - New Forum!
    Is there anyone local to me, sittingbourne who can make me a rear luggage rack for magadan soft luggage, with a rotopax fuel container on the opposite side of the exhaust and being braced across the rear, it needs to be lightweight neat and tidy. Many thanks
  2. Compact Lightweight Wheel Spanner

    Africa Twin
    Compact Lightweight Wheel Spanner for the Africa Twin Ideal for traveling as it only weighs 60 grams :thumbup: It is posted in the XR section but i thought i would put it on here to Here is the link
  3. XL 250

    Hi folks, How would a XL 250 Degree trail bike cope with a 12 stone rider plus tent soft paniers and the like. I would want to use it for solo lightweight camping/trail riding but covering any distance I need to. Also are parts readily available including farkles. Answers on a post...
  4. Insulated packable pullovers.

    At Galloway a few folk had these thin down or man made fibre insulated pullovers / jackets and I really liked the idea of something that I could use that would be warmer and pack down better then a big woolly jumper. I'm not looking for a full on winter jacket but rather something lightweight...
  5. Bad neck, neck roll, lightweight helmet

    Recent rideouts with wife or one of 2 sons has raised isues with the Caberg Trip/Rhino (XS) that they currently share. All complain of neck pain from wearing helmet and wind buffet. Has anyone with similar problems any experience of using neck rolls, eg Six Six One or 661 Neck Roll Protection-...
  6. Lightweight RD03 Special

    Africa Twin
    I found the picture of thie Kate Moss style RD03 whilst Googling for some images. Thought it might be of interest to Fergus and Chad, and all those other RD03 modifiers out there. I think it looks wikkkked geezer!