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  1. Living with Lilly

    Evening all, after 6 months with Lilly I thought I'd just share a few thoughts, but first here she is ; purty, aint she? BTW, it's Lilly coz it's a Tranny, obviously! I have to admit to being a bit underwhelmed by her at first, but she's gradually getting better and winning me over. 1st...
  2. Too hot on the way to work

    Took the bike as usual, but made sure that I really had plenty of warm stuff on. It was -3 when I left the house, had a 30 minute ride and temperatures ranged from -1 - -5 brrrrrrrr I wore: Thermal top, jumper and heated vest under my Spada Lilly winter bike jacket Richa Trousers over my work...
  3. wonderfull wonderfull people

    i saddled up marmite this weekend and took me a wee ride down to sidmouth to see me ole pal slimie this weekend:cool: :cool: :cool: and would just like to say thanks to you simon, penny and the totally mental and hilarious lulu and lilly:laughing4: :laughing4: thanks for a great evening and yes...
  4. Triumph Scrambler

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A mate of mine, who's in the trade, took this in part exchange last week and let me out for a blat on it. It's one of the Triumph dealer Jack Lilly's specials, not the official Scrambler which won't be out 'till next year. [/img]