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  1. Barkbusters limiting steering movement - RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, mt AT (Catweasel's) has barkbusters and they limit the steering. They hit the fairing before end of the normal range of movement and I think they are why my steering lock won't engage. Any tips before I start grinding bits away? Cheers, Stewart.
  2. Honda Service Repair Manuals PDF

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to share with you a place where you can download service manuals for your motorcycle. This site has a daily limit of 4 service manuals. Honda Service Manuals Hope it helps!
  3. New exhaust more poke?

    Africa Twin
    Finally got the bike back on the road today, don't know if it's the exhaust note that is tempting me to open her up more but the bikes feels like it's got more grunt. Obviously a service helps and the fact that I'm fairly pedestrian normally but the rasp of the new exhaust and I kept noticing I...
  4. European breakdown for old bikes

    My Africa twin is a 1996 P plate. I have been looking at breakdown cover but can't seem to find any that cover bikes of this age (except quotes for 3 times the cost of my yearly insurance, rac just on 200 quid), seems that 16 years old is the limit for breakdown cover that includes Europe...
  5. Licence to Kill - BBC3

    Did anyone else see the programmed "Licence to Kill" on BBC3 the other night? If not it is well worth watching. The programme is presented by Sophie Morgan, who was paralysed herself after a road accident. The only problem I have with the programme is the footballer's "momentary" lack of...
  6. The spirit of the law

    Seems to me that any excuse to get around the "spirit of the law" is currently in vogue - Sign error on M42 motorway may mean speeding let-off. If the signs were clearly indicating the speed limit currently in force, what does it matter that the font used on the display was not strictly...
  7. CMSNL.COM ShoppingCart.......mutter mutter Mutter

    Africa Twin
    Well after an hour of wading through my list of needed parts and amassing an expensive shopping cart of goodies, I took a break and went for coffee - only to arrive back at my computer to see the basket was empty! Mutter, mutter, mutter...... Not sure why CMS would limit the basket like this...
  8. hein gericke diamond sale

    Discounts / Deals
    some good offer in there DIAMOND DEALS
  9. Rear rim for FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    I don´t like the way 150/60-17 original rear tire size fits on original 4.00 DID rim. I think a wide one (maybe 4.50) can make disappear the shouldered shape of tire. I can reach the front tire limit (using Michelin Power Race B), but never on the rear by reason the thin rim. Anyone fitted a...
  10. Horse whipping.

    I don't get it with all this horse whipping business. If it doesn't hurt the horse then why limit the number of times you can whip it? If it does hurt the horse then why allow it at all? Some on TV this morning saying its the noise or the sight of the whip being swung but if that was the case...
  11. Speed camera - no hi viz vest ?

    Don't beleeeeeeeeeve it, a bloody hand held speed camera in the vast metropolis known as Kinlochewe ( hardly a big place, blink and you're through it ) :D Trouble is, PC Plod was standing on the footpath beside an unmarked car parked just off footpath and he wasn't wearing a high viz. What...
  12. Reduced speed limit Penrith-Alston

    From the UKGS forum A686 Hartside Proposed reduction in limit please help Cumbria County Council have recently published a proposal to reduce the speed limit from 60 to 50 MPH on the A686 Penrith to Alston road. This road always ranks in the top ten of best biking or driving roads and is...
  13. National 50MPH speed limit

    We received a petition asking: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to not reduce the national speed limit to 50mph.” Details of Petition: “Following the announcement that the government is planning to reduce the national speed limit to 50 miles per hour, we the undersigned oppose...
  14. Red zone chain adjuster limit

    Africa Twin
    When do you change the chain according to the red zone on the chain adjuster? In the owner`s manual the limit seems to be below 25, while in the Haynes Manual it seems to be when it reaches 30. Where is your limit if the sprockets are still ok?
  15. 33bhp limit

    Mechanical Advice
    My son has now got his much coveted Honda 250 Hornet. I have to say I am impressed by it - build quality, looks, sounds all pretty damm good. Anyway the dealer wanted near enough £200 to derestrict it. I thought big con, so took it without the restrictor after my son came up with the wheeze...
  16. Luggage Rack Wieght Limit

    Can anyone here tell me the load limit on the luggage rack for an 05 onwards Transalp? As some of you may know, the exact same luggage rack is used on the 125 Varadero, and that has a load limit of 5kg (My top box weighs 3.5 kg :rolleyes:, leaving me with only 1.5 kg). I am not sure if this is...
  17. speed limit cuts for nearly all country roads

    Looks like you'll need to stick to major trunk routes if you want to be able to blat along at a heady 60mph in future :x Other A roads are probably going to be reduced to 50mph or 40mph limits... So that's pretty much guaranteed to be a 40 limit on any road you might think is fun to ride...