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  1. Barkbusters limiting steering movement - RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, mt AT (Catweasel's) has barkbusters and they limit the steering. They hit the fairing before end of the normal range of movement and I think they are why my steering lock won't engage. Any tips before I start grinding bits away? Cheers, Stewart.
  2. RD03/04 engine rebuilding possibly

    Africa Twin
    Well I've been in Europe 6 months now and yet to get a bike. I've been looking for an RD 04 since I have been here as I have an RD03 stateside already and wanted something different. Everything seems to be to far away or I just don't get to it in time coupled with the fact I was looking for a...
  3. Tyre perished!! Urgent replacement and advice

    I've got a 2000 + on road trip coming up soon and just noticed the perishing on my tyres is worse than just a bit on the side wall. They need replacing ASAP. Now here's the quandry. I can get tyres and have em fitted in days but I don;t want to make a rush decision. For most of the year...
  4. National 2013 Trail Ride

    National Meets
    Havent seen another thread (so if there is one please direct me to it!!!). Anyone up for a Trail ride on Saturday 7th? Ive done the Dales only once before and there are some cracking lanes. Unfortunately a lot have been closed over the years so there may be a bit of road work involved to form a...
  5. What tyres for my XL600R?

    What are the options for off-road biased tyres for my XL600? 90/90 - 21" front 130/80 - 17" rear (which seems to be the limiting factor) Conti TKC80's Pirelli MT21's Both of which I've used before on my AT and XT250 respectively. What else is out there? I'm favouring TKC's at the moment.
  6. Tyres. What options?

    What are the options for off-road biased tyres for my XL600? 90/90 - 21" front 130/80 - 17" rear (which seems to be the limiting factor) Conti TKC80's Pirelli MT21's What else?
  7. Pyrenees 2013 - Spanish Cornering Skills School

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last year we did this:- This thread has pictures that have not loaded but some have. I have placed a ride report over on ABR and all the pictures are in that thread:-...
  8. Anyone near Abercrave?

    What's the weather (and more importantly the ground) like just now? I'm coming down on Thursday to do the BMW off road skills doo dah and I'm just hoping it's not knee deep in show. While snow is fun it's a bit limiting in what you can actually do off road.
  9. Some of my local lanes. .

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a nice ride out today just around local, makes me realise I need to get rid of my stock front mudguard as this is currently the biggest limiting factor on the bike! Enjoy. . Then cleaned and put to bed ;)
  10. North Wales Trails 23 OR 24 October

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone up for a blast through the North Wales trails on either the 23rd (Sat) or 24th (Sun) October? Starting at Betws-y-Coed in North Wales this time and working East towards Llangollen area. For those that have come out with me before, theres a few new tracks to try around Betws-y-Coed...
  11. Greetings from Canada

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everyone, My first post just to say Hi and let you know why I've joined a UK forum based on the other side of the world. I'm totally intrigued by the Africa Twin and would love to own one. Living in Canada and the U.S. they're as rare as hens teeth but from what I've read here seem to be...
  12. waterproof video camera

    Product Reviews
    Here's a suggestion for people considering filming their biking. I recently bought this Sanyo Xacti C65 waterproof digital video camera. It costs as little as about £150. It uses SD cards, so I fitted an 8gb card. It can be hand held but has a standard tripod mount on the bottom, so I bought...
  13. Rear Luggage

    Africa Twin
    Howdy folks, On the @ and previous bikes ive owned, there is a weight limit of 10kg that can be carried on the rear rack. I guess this is Hondas way of limiting any claims :rolleyes: (plus keeping the bike stable of course) How much weight do you think the rear rack could REALLY take - (im...
  14. i said i wasnt going to do this again

    but ive kind of got this idea see:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and its going to cost a bit:p but hear me out:angel9: i really fancy another GS but a 1200adv but ive got to face facts im not going to be able to afford one for a bloody long time:( so ive got to thinking two...