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  1. Mechanical Advice
    This may seem a bit limp, but I've just noticed that the new XL700V Transalp has no fork gaiters. So, Honda are not actually expecting anyone to take this thing off-road after all. Either that or they're trying to shift a warehouse full of fork leg seals???...... :confused: Yes, yes, I'll go...
  2. Africa Twin
    Apologies in advance if this is the mother of all dumb questions. I did a search and found some pointers about aiming headlights but after trying to do it last night I'm still a bit lost. The way I did it was to place the bike about 20 feet (also tried about 15 feet, and 10 feet - everywhere I...
  3. Africa Twin
    hi guys its been a while since ive posted anything as you lot normally ask and answer the questions that rattle through my head even before i think it!;) Anyway my b!tch is going to become one of those faster @'s...... yes the black ones! and was just wondering how much most spay jobs cost as my...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Gotta '99 FX650 vigor in May with only 4000 miles on the clock and since then put another 1000 on with relatively short trips. Been lucky with the weather until last week when it rained fairly hard and the hitherto trusty mount coughed to a stop. Waiting a minute or so allowed it to start and...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    On my way to Lichfield (from Norwich) earlier this week, the rear wheel bearing rapidly collapsed while I was tanking down the M69, throwing the ball bearings into the centre of the hub, knackering the centre spacer and partially melting the inner wall of the hub. Not pretty. It was, of course...
  6. Transalp
    Had a nasty experience last Thursday on my favourite high mountain road in Mid Wales when a powerful cross-wind gust threw the bike into a fence on the side of the road and left me sprawled next to it. The bike came down on its right side and the crash bars stopped too much damage but when I...
  7. Africa Twin
    200 mileish(not including reserve), less if you are not limp wristed like me.
1-7 of 11 Results