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  1. For Sale: Panniers & Top Box

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD Full set of Givi Trekker Monokey Panniers with liner bags & Top Box. The top box is the large one to take 2 full face lids, and the panniers are also the large versions. The panniers come complete with the lining bags. All items in...
  2. shoei neotec & bmw system 7 carbon users, a word please.

    after 20 years of wearing flip up helmets, up to a certain (low) price. yeah i know...finally in a position to get the helmet that ticks most of my boxes, limit. so, i had a list of the lids that i fancy. twas a big list, until i went to local Schuberth etc shop. 1 min away...
  3. For Sale: Two Textile Jackets - Hein Gericke & Richa

    For Sale / Wanted
    Two jackets for sale: Hein Gericke Cruise GTX Jacket Size 56 (USA 40, UK 38, F 48). Ie. 'medium to large' Genuine Goretex, hundreds of quid new. Well used with visible wear in some areas but still great. Comes with armour and removeable thermal liner. £55ono. Pics: Richa Jacket (not sure...
  4. For Sale: Sale items

    For Sale / Wanted
    Stebel nautilus horn (very loud) Never fitted SOLD Trails tyre to fit 18" £10 Gortex bivi bag camo, NEW £15 Kreiga tool roll ,NEW SOLD Folding camp bed/guest bed £50 Motorcycle wheel chock never used £25 Motorcycle Wheel Chock ARMOURAK Body Armour size Large but will fit XL. £55 ARMOURAK...
  5. xl600 lmf wheels wanted

    bloody hell my xl600 lmf front wheel has a buckle and vibrates above 60mph and rear brake liner is shagged,anyone got a set of gold flanged wheels they want to sell me?mark. suppose i can get them repaired but it will be more than used wheels ,its a long shot if anyone has a pair pm me, ta.
  6. For Sale: Wulfsport Enduro/ADV jeans

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wulfsport Enduro/ADV jeans 3XL Purchased these jeans a fortnight ago but had not tried them on and they are a wee bit too big on me with the liner removed for summer use. Body armour fitted at thigh and knees, although personally, I would remove the knee armour and wear strap on protectors...
  7. which rain gear do you own.

    here is the gear I own. Gear reviews done after 5 minutes are no real use so thought it might be nice to get some reviews from others my old frank Thomas £120 is about 7 years old a heavy beast it never leaked but would gain even more weight and take years to dry out both side pockets are dead...
  8. LS2 Mx453 Dual Sport Helmet - Quick inital review

    Product Reviews
    Ok, So was looking for good dual sport lid, at mid range price, not plastic and could wear goggles under So there is the usual, arai and shoei but the costs are just daft if ask me. After looking googling the big hitters were spada sting, afx fx-39, fly trekker (all same lid diferent liner)...
  9. For Sale: Clothing Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Difi Ventura Adventure suit. XXL Jacket size 46-48 chest, XL trousers size 36 waist This has a removable Quilt liner and also a removable waterproof liner in Both Jacket and Trousers, it also benefits from having many vent zips. Again this has been treated with Nikwax. One of the popper buttons...
  10. Millenium Motorcycles Clothing Dept and Dave

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Had great service from Dave at the above Bought a set of Rev'It Sand pants last year after searching almost a year for a set that did what I wanted and needed. They have been the best I've had. They have been thoroughly tested for waterproofness on the recent Pyrenees trip and worked fine On...
  11. Haggis Run 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok this will be the proper ride report not like the one send on route So the day had eventually arrived and after packing a few essentials:cool: we set off to Jellys where we met up with Hudders,Carol and digi.Since its only up the road we set of late and had a easy ride.It was a bit...
  12. For Sale: ARAI TOUR CROSS Motard Black Large

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my used ARAI Tour Cross helmet, Large in size and Motard Black in colour. I've had it about 3-4 years (I purchased it secondhand from a mate) and used it initially on a quad and lately on my @. It has been used for leisure purposes not commuting. It is fitted with standard (non...
  13. For Sale: Whole Pile Of Bike Kit For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Joe Rocket dragging style jeans. £25.00 posted within the UK. Size 42" waist and 32" leg. Brand new. Answer Edge MotoX Trousers - £20.00 posted within the UK. Size 42 waist. Brand new.
  14. Hello to all

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,, some already know me , most don't so im in the mids uk , have bought 2 @ over in Germany , 1st one was kept in a barn for 6 years under cover after it had ....errrmm a problem .. then trying to find a replacement engine bought second @ from a very nice Honda dealer for not alot ;-) My...
  15. For Sale: Hood Jeans- Black; 40" waist

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is a pair of really nice Hood jeans, usual heavyweight denim and their special Aramid liner. Effectively as new, just been washed and c/w knee pads from Hood. I have been wearing my (slightly too small now) 38" jeans for 4 years and they are super quality clothing, wash and wear well, and...
  16. How do you clean the glove inners?

    Ive got a great pair of Biker GoreTex gloves that cost a bit and have so far covered 3 winters well with handguards and heated grips. By now theyve mounted up a bit of grime internally and I really need to wash my old hands after every wear, theres even oil in there. They dont have a...
  17. Sleeping Bag

    After freezing in my tent on Saturday Ive decided its time to invest in a new sleeping bag. Heres what I want.... Pack size as small as possible Pack weight as light as possible Min 3 season, comfort rating from below zero Max price £100. So what do peeps recommend? Weight and size are really...
  18. Offroad trousers

    Yes Trousers not pants :) What are people wearing when green laning? My old gericke trousers are almost perfect in as much as they are goretex, have a removable liner and have armour for the inevitable spills but they are designed to go over normal boots and even leaving the zips undone they...
  19. For Sale: Pannier liner bags

    For Sale / Wanted
    1 Pair of BNIB OEM Honda pannier liners/bags. Bought for a Vfr Vtec but i believe they will fit any Honda pannier (but youd better check first) £40 plus post cheers, Del
  20. For Sale: Held 2 Finger Winter Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pair of Held 2 Finger Winter Gloves, generally as shown on Motorcycle Gloves - HELD 2272 Winter Motorbike Gloves Nordpol for approx £40 new from GetGeared. Selling for around £25 posted in UK Now on ebay Size 11, XXL. Little use (now have heated gloves), but these did work well, esp when...