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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Like the title says really..... Based in Wales.
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Would you trust your life to a split-linked drive chain? They're easier, but are they safe?
  3. Africa Twin
    Some kind chap just flagged me down and escorted me home with no rear lights at all either brake or rear light. I noticed the sidestand light is staying on, is this linked? it seems odd for both filaments to go at once, I have indicators and horn so it looks unlikely to be the fuse. Just this...
  4. Chatter
    Hi all, This is my new toy Honda CB1100 air/oil cooled, three disc, linked brakes and ABS. Not everyone's cup of tea but i love it.:thumbup:
  5. Chatter
    ....just in case. A friend linked this onto my FB page... Hard to decide what art is.....but sometimes you just know. An emotive piece....real talent. Britains Got Talent - Shadow Theatre Act - 2013 [HQ] - YouTube
  6. Transalp
    Found this thread over on ADVriders. Did a quick search, and don't think it's been posted or linked on here before. Apologies if it has. Nostalgia : Transalp Rallye 1989 - ADVrider
  7. Varadero
    hi can any one tell me where i can get the ceals for the linked brakes on the front wheel the one that makes the back brake work as i was told €75 or how hard is it to disconnect the linked brakes how do i do it
  8. Dominator / FMX
    probably been linked to before but if not have a gander at this little beauty :blob7: Building A XR650l Engine - ADVrider
  9. Varadero
    Hi Everyone, I am currently looking to buy a new bike, and the Varadero 1000 seems pretty perfect for my regular 360 mile round trip that I do at the weekends. The only problem that I have found is that it seems to have CBS. Is this true of all models? I have seen that it is written on the...
  10. Varadero
    Thinking of getting a Varadero. One thing that worries me is the linked brakes. I've done all my own servicing on the two Transalp's I've owned (60,000 miles in total). Is it a difficult / expensive thing to maintain? I'm used to the simplicity of a Transalp's braking system; change pads, clean...
  11. Varadero
    I was wondering how the linked brakes on the Varadero work, how do they distribute power when you brake on the right hand, and what happens differently when you use the foot lever? Is the difference very noticeable? I am wondering this because after test riding a VFR and not really liking it, I...
1-11 of 11 Results