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  1. Listening to the radio while riding

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi, I was wondering if people are listening to the radio (FM/DAB) while riding. If so, what pocket/portable radio are you using? When I'm driving to work by car on rainy days I like to listen to the radio (news programs). On my bike I don't listen to music or radio (yet). Yesterday I borrowed...
  2. What a Guy.

    I missed the channel 4 program on Monday called How Britain Worked presented by Guy Martin but have just watched it on 4OD. Well worth a look if for no other reason than listening to Guy's down to earth obsevations on how the old railway workers had to really graft for a living. Seeing the steam...
  3. The evening's festivities

    National Meets
    The Saturday night was spent by most in the bar listening to Jacqueslemac's band and admiring the dancing abilities of the gentlemen of xrv. First the talent The man himself Of course no cabaret would be complete without the professional dance troupe And the Roly...
  4. For Sale: Everyone kept telling me I should do it...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I've news! Though I dunno if I'm in the right place to post this... Over the last year I’ve been taking careful note of all the requests and posts on forums about the lack of adventure motorcycle travel audio books. So I’ve gone and done it. Into Africa just been released as an Audio...
  5. Medical question anyone suffered vertigo?

    Hello all, I'm just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have suffered from symptoms I'm having. Just to highlight how serious this is, I've been taken from my work to hospital, then home to rest due to an illness I've never suffered before. To say I'm worried is an understatement...
  6. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Just a heads up for any fans of this iconic book. Dramatisation on Radio 4 today. I'm listening on i-player. Sounds good up to now except the sound effects man has clearly never heard a BMW
  7. Hose pipe ban do's and don'ts

    I was listening to a guy on the radio today from Anglian Water being interviewed about the hose pipe ban. Here are some of the points raised. You cannot use a hose to water your garden. You can though water your garden with a watering can. When you have done this you will probably need a long...
  8. Numeracy

    Took a little stroll into town today, as I waited in the bank I overheard the conversation of a couple of teenagers in front of me. 1. Get your phone out and work out 'ow much I've got left 2. OK woz I need to put in 1. 500 quid take away 600 quid 2. Well 'ats 150 init 1. Is it just...
  9. Bored now

    Anyone else awake, I'm very bored just listening to poor jay snoring away. Time to start counting sheep again
  10. R.I.P Frank Carson

    Was listening to one of his old tapes just the other day... BBC News - Frank Carson, the Northern Irish comedian, dies aged 85 His like are a dying breed... A man goes into Boots and says: "Have you got Viagra?" "Do you have a prescription?" asks the chemist. "No," he replies, "But I've got...
  11. Wessex Wanderer Weekend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Quick report here on a weekend of trail riding on and around Salisbury Plain, organised by Barftone. Very good venue, a pub with a small camping field in Bishops Canning. Unbelievably good weather. Hot sunshine all day both days, in October. Saturday we covered 113 miles in total - actually this...
  12. Fathere Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Father Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula Frad being a gentle man gathered all those riders who where left from not going Bog Snorkelling with Mike and round the ragged hills with Paul and who could ride legally and headed off around a gentle few roads showing the sights of the Peninsula. as we...
  13. Cardo Scala G4 Users - battery life

    Bike Comms & Audio
    This is a question for users of Cardo Scala G4 headsets. How long does your battery last under the following conditions:1. Just used for bike to bike or rider to pillion comms. (Even with a channel permanently open mine lasts all day - this is good and expected)2. Solo use connected via...
  14. Monolever or paralever

    I thought I'd PM Thunder on this, but I'll throw it out there as Kjell might be listening;) I'm saving for a 100GS; possibly an 80GS. It's going to be at least a year if I sell the Transalp, or a decade if not:rolleyes: Right, regarding maintenance, which is preferable, mono or para? My reason...
  15. Norwegian text messages

    Just listening on Radio Two, wow, very emotional.
  16. Sold: BMW R1150GS For Sale Bath £3795

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    After a short affair with the HermanGoeringMeister it's time to say farewell: Blue and White and in excellent condition for the year. Y reg 2001. 34K miles. Spotless paintwork. MOT March next year. Tax till Sept. Fitted with brand new crash bars. Remus Revolution 2-1 inc Y piece (original...
  17. Kids of today............

    Couple beside us in KFC at lunch today were with their daughter, Chardonnay Britney. In conversation they mentioned they named her that as it's what they were drinking and listening to when she was conceived. "Small world" says I introducing my youngest Buckfast Ozzy and showing them pictures...
  18. 63k Varadero - what's the most expensive problems?

    There seems to be very little written here or elsewhere about problems with varaderos as they rack up the miles! Which is good as mine has just hit 63,000 miles now. Problem is I am doing around 15,000 miles a year on it and have started to think about the problems I might have which are going...
  19. great concept albums

    one of my favorites is Tale's of mystery and imagination,,Edgar allen poe. by the Allan parsons project. i was listening to this today on the ipod Orson wells does the narration on the album totally stunning
  20. Statistics

    I was listening to Wireless 4 a couple of weeks ago and was told that the risk of injury to a member of service personnel in Afghanistan was the equivalent of him or her riding a motorbike 200 miles a day. That made me feel rather reassured, though I suspect because like all riders I assume I...