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  1. TET North - Anyone tried it on an Alp?

    Guess the title says it all; have you Alp owners tried the TET North (Tynemouth to the Lakes area, via Hexham, Alston etc.) Wondering if it's a little too much for the Alp? Eveyone is telling me a CRF250L or Rally // WR250 is the better choice! Cheers D
  2. 700 indicator

    hi Has anyone got a clue how the the little connector to release the indicator wire is released i cant separate then to replace a damaged left hand indicator any help out there Neil
  3. 2010 700

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all and thanks for having me here,I hope someone can advise my 700 has a slight hesitation feeling when there’s no load or very little load on the engine between 2000 to just over 3000RPMs it ticks over spot on at about 1200 RPMs, new air filter NGK plugs and caps and there’s no change, and...
  4. XRV 650 leaking coolant between barrels

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! My bike is leaking coolant from the little joining pipe between the 2 barrels - can it be fixed in situ, or is an engine out job? Usually Google is my friend, but I need help in a hurry!thanks for any / all replies TA!
  5. Got myself one at last!

    A lovely 650 on an 02 plate with all the luggage and a strange oiler (not Scott). Am a little alarmed at the seating position tho. I think i will be forming a squeeky voice and a sorebum in no time! Are there resolutions to this issue?
  6. Tool for float bowl rdo7

    Africa Twin
    What do you guys use to undo the drain screw on the float bowl, only all my screwdrivers won't fit even the small ones, too little space, any advice please
  7. Manual CCT

    Hi, just installed this weekend manual cct on my Dero. The bike feels smoother at idle but rolling it seems a struggle a little or could be just placebo I dont know. Should I turn off 1/4 on the mcct? will be need to put the engine at TDC? cheers
  8. Wanted: NX650 RD02 1993 tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a tank in good conditions, like the one on the picture. I had a little drop last summer and the left side are not that pretty. Niels
  9. Hyperpro Progressive Springs - Install Questuin

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, The instructions for the Hyperpro progressive springs install are a little surprising to me as anyone I've seen install progressive springs on YouTube doesn't remove the forks. They do this simple remove the cap...drop in the spring deal... Is removal really necessary? Thanks, Dar
  10. New rear tyre.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am thinking of geting a new rear tyre but i was wondering what the biggest size you can put on as in with. Cus the one i got on now dosent do the bike any favors as in looks. Somet a little wider would make the bike look better
  11. Offer I cant refuse.

    Dominator / FMX
    I was having a little lad n dad chat with jnr about bikes and he said he had shown one of his photos of my bike to his mechanics teacher. His teacher was impressed with the bike and said ,tell your dad if he gives us the back wheel and gets the spokes ,we will do his back wheel for free and do...
  12. SLR 650 large petrol tank

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I will eventually put a large capacity petrol tank on my SLR and have read that a dominator tank will fit. Is this true? Does anyone know of any other tanks that fit and give a little more range? Thanks Ian
  13. Wanted: xr80 or xr100 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    not been on here here for a while but just picked up another little project, a 1990 xr100 and im looking for a few bits for it, mainly rear panels and front brake hub but anything considered. regards, Dave
  14. Soft Day

    Africa Twin
    A little damp today in Dublin ? but no reason to stay inside!
  15. Norwegian XRV750-RD07 slow build

    Africa Twin
    Making a little headway getting the new storage box on. Some old dampers and a new " peli " case. ? Sent from my garage. ?
  16. AT wheels

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone. got little question, does wheels from any other bikes fits Africa twin? Looking for both wheels for my AT thanks
  17. bent bars

    HI PEEPS Bloody only gone and crashed the tranny ( 650 ) in a local ford got covered head to toe in mud but was only shaken thank the lord , Fortunatly the tranny seems ok apart from a bent set of bars . anyone replaced there bars , if so whats the best no / little fuss option ? thanks
  18. recommendation please... Motorcycle savvy powder coater in Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire...

    Africa Twin
    Ladies and gents, As the title says really... The RD04 is having a 'little' refresh... :blob7: Frame is on my workshop floor in desperate need of powdercoating. Anyone recommend anyone in the areas mentioned please - would rather go through recommendation... Cheers Slidey
  19. RD03 Carb hose routing

    Africa Twin
    Putting the carbs together and wondering if anyone has any detailed photos of the carbs. The fiche leaves a little mystery and photos were not taken a few years ago when the project was started...
  20. Bank Holiday ride-outs....

    Hi all, Hope you all got out over over the Bank Holiday :D Thought I would throw a few pix up of my Alp a little lost in Northumberland. Share your pix and stories of the BH here? :thumbright: