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  1. Wanted: Looking for a place who does the "water dip" film process

    For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings! I have a '04TA and I would like to get a "Kevlar" film applied to the plastic "dashboard" piece (Honda calls it a Cowl). Does anyone know of a place that does the "hydrodip" process? I am an American living in Turkey and there just aren't many options or places here for custom work...
  2. Newbie with a transalp

    Hi all I've been lurking in this forum for a few months, bought an xl700 transalp three weeks ago and enjoying it, living in Welshest Wales helps a lot, went for a spin up the Elan valley yesterday and had great fun despite appalling weather. Jon
  3. Presentation!! Picture of my Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Guys Since i'm pretty new to the Forum, i want to present myself and share a picture of my dommie. Maybe this post would help as an initiative for all to share picture of your bikes :toothy10: I'm Juan Carlos Originally from Venezuela (LATAM) i'm currently living in Ireland and...
  4. Bristol folk with a spark plug spanner I can borrow?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I don't suppose anyone living in Bristol happens to have a spark plug spanner for my RD07a I can borrow tomorrow is there? I have ordered myself one from Rugged Roads, but my mechanic mate would appreciate me getting my bike out of his garage tomorrow if possible! Fowlers don't stock...
  5. Hello from France

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, I'm Stéphane, living in south of France near the Spain border. I ride my Africa Twin 1996 mostly on off-roads. here are some vids about my last rides: Ultimate Off-road Ride in may 2014: By "Le Jardinier" Last winter in the snow...
  6. Wanted: AT RD07 Seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Or more exactly the seat pan. Could be a seat with knackered cushion etc. For an xrv'er living in Brazil. He wants the seat to go to Topsellerie for a rebuild and then I will send the finished article to him in Sao Paulo, Brazil. WHY please?? Pics would be most useful.
  7. Long lasting dual tyres???

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    OK Folks, Here it is. I'm living in Vietnam and I have a NX 650 Dominator and I'm looking for new tyres. The issue is I have to take them from the UK to VN to I want a LONG LASTING 90/10 road/off tyre. I've been doing some research and the Anakee 3 or Tourance seem to be the way forwards...
  8. Newbie saying hi.

    Just like to say hi to everyone. My name is andy living in the stourbridge west midlands area. Riding a xl 650 vy which i love. Looking forward to getting involved with the forum which i was told about by a friend who owns an africa twin. Owned different bike and ridden for 30 years and almost...
  9. Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire YO51

    Anyone here living within a mile or two of this town who could have a look at a bike for me please at a dealers? YO51 9NS It's a 3hr+ trip for me so it'd be nice to get an independent overview if possible. ;-)
  10. Looking for a reputable mot testing station Great Yarmouth /Norfolk area

    After living overseas for the last seven years, I am returning to the UK in two weeks. When I arrive, I will be in the Great Yarmouth area and will need my bike moting straight away. Can anybody suggest an mot station that are not just looking to fail you for the repair income. I service the...
  11. Living Dolls

    On Monday 6th January, Channel 4 aired one of the weirdest programmes I've ever seen. It was a hot topic at work for quite a few days, and I just wondered if any of you normal XRV folk had seen it, and what you thought? It's still on 4OD for those of you that have eaten and fully digested your...
  12. I got this guys job . . .

    Below is a link to a BBC Alba programme that was on last week (it's in gaelic with sub titles). Not sure how long this will be up on iplayer, so link may time out within a week. BBC iPlayer - Cunnart I took over this guy's job when he left the airforce to go dig up & blow up bombs for a...
  13. France model of Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    My name is Steve i'm from Seattle Wa. USA and living in France for the next year. I bought an Africa Twin and i'm just starting to do some long over do repairs and replacement of parts.If anyone has A source for used parts could you please let me know. Also has anyone replaced the trip meter...
  14. New member, first allroad, from holland

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am Jack living near Gouda, the netherlands and I just bought my first AT, its a bonestock purple 1994 RD07 in very very good condition with around 50000 kilometer on the clock. Have been driving an old BMWR60/6 and a few motorscooters SH125, SW600 and NSS250 before but as I am 6.4 the AT...
  15. London "routemaster" Yc prog

    London "routemaster" TV prog Fascinating watching, especially for one of the fortunate ones that does not have to commute through or across the city! My only experiences of the Blackwall tunnel has been at 5.30-6am en route to a ferry and jeez am I glad I have never based a 9am run down on the...
  16. Name change

    Lots of things have changed for me, no longer snapping for a living and far from being happy so "Snaphappy" just doesn't fit any more. Can one of the mods do the necessary and change my profile name to Nickel Arse thanks, Nick
  17. Bulgaria

    I only briefly passed through BG a few years ago. Has anyone any experience of BG, especially living there? Any other comments on country/people/anything? All thoughts welcome, good or bad.
  18. Satnav?

    I have been thinking of buying a satnav for a while. I Had to go London today with a mate and used his satnav in the car. Now I am sold on the idea. I looked on Amazon and prices are way below what I expected, I am not minted but I can go up to about £100. What can anybody reccomend, it will be...
  19. love vs love of....

    Bugger... had an intersesting call from a friend of a friend of a friend today. Hey foz, are you interested in taking/guiding tourists on/off roading on motorbikes around Tuscany this summer for afew months. Bugger... My lady called rang an hour later, hey foz they accepted an offer on the...
  20. One for dog lovers... or just anyone with a heart really...

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