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  1. Cam chain guide Replacement issue

    Hello from Greece,Im rebuilding my XL600LM (1985-PD04) and i need the GUIDE, CAM CHAIN Part number:14620MK4620 which replaces (14620MG3003, 14620MK4600, 14620MK4601 that older XRs have). The problem is that this part, is no longer available!!!Has anyone tried the NX650 ? i.e.(14620MN9870 Guide...
  2. new front end. transalp 600 wavy disc for sale

    Finally got round to fitting the new wheel and forks. xl600 fork bottom legs xl600lm Dakar front tubeless wheel. to match the rear wheel. less spokes. original wavy disc for sale in the sale section.
  3. XL600LM plastics

    Hi, just bought one of these as a project bike. Bike has been sitting since 1992. All the plastics (fenders, side panels, fairing) are full of cracks. The cracks are just on the white paint that these parts have. Paint is not loose or coming off, but it's not pretty. They can only be seen...
  4. xl600lm

    Hi, I am new to his forum and this xl600lm is my first Honda for a while, I am trying to find out wtf bodywork is fitted to this bike I just bought. Its had new paint but I cannot find any details about this headlight/fairing unit. Hope someone can throw some light on this bike, regards,,
  5. Engine options for XL600LM w/ cracked heads

    I definitely want to buy a 650 LM. The only problem is that at around 50,000km, and often even less less, they all suffer from the cracked head syndrome. What are the options? Does Honda sells updated heads? Any other Honda engine will fit in replacement of the 600cc lump? Has a company found...
  6. Xl 600 lm for first big bike ?

    Hello everyone This is my first post on here and would like your advise on buying a 600 LM I don't get my full licence until next feb and would love to get the XL for my first big road bike. I've been a fan of this bike since I was a kid. I just find it hard to come across a good clean one for...
  7. Car Sat Nav for Bike? Err..... Seems good value :)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Wondering around Tesco like a zombie as usual, I stumbled on this - Garmin Drive 50 LMT Travel Edition with Worldwide maps at £85. I know it wont be water proof and fiddly to use perhaps, but at £85 its a shed load cheaper than a bike Nav?:thumbright: Anyone tried this out? Perhaps in...
  8. Wanted: Honda Xl600LM side panels PD04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Everyone, has any body got and XL600LM side panels for sale. will accept any condition. pictures please, may even consider getting them copied after this search!! Best regards John.
  9. Xl600 LM Cylinder Head

    Hello, I recently bought an LM which someone had been using as a field bike. I've pulled out the engine and found there are a couple of cracks in the cylinder head, between the spark plug thread and the valves, as well as a couple of loose valve seats. Firstly, does anyone have one that they...
  10. Wanted: Rear wheel for XL 600 LMF

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an lmf as a restoration project. The rear wheel is shot, does anyone have a decent one or a suggestion as go what I could fit as an alternative please? It's currently got gold wheels. Thanks Mud
  11. Wanted: Stolen from North Yorkshire - my XL 600 LMH

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Could you keep yours eyes open for my XL? Scumbags bypassed my CCTV system, snapped the locks on the garage door, used my own crowbar to force the internal locks on the up and over door, dragged the bike out with disc lock still on (can see the drag marks on the concrete floor), then...
  12. xl600 lmf

    Hi Newbie here, I have brought myself an old XL600 LMF which i intend to restore, i have since realized that both the side panels i need are like hens teeth! just wondered if any one on here could help or suggest anything? thanks for any help Tony
  13. XL600RM exhaust

    Hi apologies if this has been asked before but I am trying to replace the silencer on my XL600RM and have found one listed for the LM model...Will it fit my bike?...Thanks
  14. Wanted: Honda xl 600 wanted cash waiting

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xl 600 wanted, must have electric start, preferably LM. cash waiting
  15. xl 600 lmf decals

    Hi all, i will be buying a decal set for the lm soon and on ebay there are some sets from here in the uk and others of italian origin with the prices much and such, i just wondered if anyone could point me to the best quality, cheers
  16. Wanted: xl600lm(f) f for France need double/twin headlights and fairing/cowl,tête de fourche

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys and ladies,i am looking for 2x the double/twin headlights like the 1985-87 French,German,English etc xl600lm(f) aka pd 04 had.I préfère it complete with fairing/cowel/cover,tête de fourche/plaque de phares,kanzel/verkleidung.I`ve seen some pics from [email protected] and thats what i...
  17. eBay: New Africa Twin and XL600LM and other XL parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    On eBay now with this German seller, some new, old stock Africa Twin parts. Prices are high, but parts are new! rexx-moparts | eBay Also XL parts, including a lovely rare XL600LM tank rexx-moparts | eBay Bob
  18. For Sale: Honda xl 600 lmf

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , I have my big honda up for sale , it has just been mot today and has covered just under 24,000 Kms , It has a leo vince exhaust and it sounds great , recent tyre and battery bike is taxed and will ride anywhere , engine great , no smoke or rattles and bike rides very well , it is...
  19. Satnav / Navigator / GPS choice?

    Bike Comms & Audio
    I'm in the progress of buying a new Satnav. I think I narowed it down to either the Garmin Zumo 390LM or the TomTom Rider V4. Or are the others out there? Any drawbacks on any of the two contenders? Cheers, Kjell
  20. Wanted: xl600lmf front wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    morning,any of you chaps got a xl 600 lmf front wheel for sale as mine is buckled and causing the mother of all vibes over 55mph,cheers marko