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  1. Ebay search on XRV forum

    Does anybody use Ebay search, when I tried it wants me to load some more software I use to use it all the time. Anyone downloaded the software?
  2. Motorcycle Trailer

    Bodgers Corner
    A mate of mine built this one. Parts from cars and mopeds. We loaded it ful of Herring, potatoes and beer and drove out to: Midsummer time you know. :p
  3. DR350SE(V) Fork seals

    As above chaps. Got a leak from the bottom of one of them and decided to do the lot. Removed and drained. Now I need special tools? The manual I've downloaded isn't much help on the actual seal removal. 1997 model but the forks aren't the same as in the supplement, so maybe earlier...
  4. Uploading via tapatalk

    Just downloaded Tapatalk onto my phone. Can anyone tell me how I can post travel reports, photos etc whilst on the move? Ta, Nick. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  5. Whealie's kept it quiet......

  6. british bergen side pouches

    Africa Twin
    got asked what they are! two 5 lit side pouches clips onto crashbar. great for moving weight forward when loaded up. clips of to become backpack. total ballance of bike much better
  7. tomtom and ov2 files help needed

    Hi, I have downloaded a gpx route from best biking roads site and converted to a ov2 file. I have then uploaded the file onto my Ipod touch into the correct folder. My problem do I view the route in tomtom, thought it might show up as a POI but no...any ideas Cheers
  8. Highest roads/passes UK -a list

    Great Roads/Routes
    I came across a list of highest roads/passes in UK Highest Roads whilst browsing I have loaded them into a spreadsheet so they can be sorted easily. Spreadsheet has been updated Intro +3 sheets- 1 All pases some may be routes not legal for motor vehicles 2 Passes that the OS map indicates they...
  9. Purple AT Northbound M6

    Anyone from here riding a tidy looking Purple AT fully loaded wearing a rucsac this evening approx 18:00 hrs -ish Northbound M6 ? I was travelling M6 Southbound in am American Ambulance following a car rally.
  10. Wanted: Garmin Zumo 400

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, anyone got a Garmin Zumo 400 they want to sell, preferably with euro maps loaded? cheers, Bob.
  11. Russian offroad nutters!

    I watched this on ABR and I just know you lot will love it. It is 20 mins long, but well worth the watch, and they are all fully loaded up with gear. :thumbright: Andy.
  12. Anyone got battlewing bw501/502 on their Vara?

    Had a quick search, no mention of bw502 - so anyone got battlewing bw501/502 on their Vara? Interested to know what it is like fully loaded up :toothy9: Ta, Rob
  13. maximum laden weight?

    sorry to buy in here, Gentlemen...2 questions if I may... Could anyone here confirm the maximum load that a big varadero can carry... is there any bike which can be loaded more? maybe the paneuropean? the reason I am asking, is to identify which bikes could carry a load of some 205kg within...
  14. Sold: Learner legal

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Bought from new 29/12/2010 to use while i gained my full license only covering 2661kms and now looking to pass this great learner legal bike along to a new rider. Lexmoto vixen 125cc learner legal, tax is out on the 31/10/11 based in worle, w-s-m , £750.00 ono PM me for details, not sure if...
  15. Chain travel/tension when fully loaded ?

    Africa Twin
    I've just adjusted my chain to the 70mm on the centrestand and confirmed that there's about 40mm deflection on the sidestand. This is unloaded. So I've hurled on two packed Zega panniers and a 10kg drybag and sat on it but I can only move the chain maybe 1.0-1.5cms with my finger. Is this too...
  16. Fully loaded RD03

    Africa Twin
    This guy has really loaded his RD03
  17. Loaded !!

    :DThis guy must have a kitchen sink in there somewhere !!:D:D:D. Love the Pelican cases on the Topboxes tho. :o:D:thumbup:.
  18. Lets see your bikes fully loaded.

    Africa Twin
  19. Lets see your bikes fully loaded.

    Thought this would be a good chance to show your bikes fully loaded, tell people what you've got, rate it and where to get it. Chad sent me a picture of his bike with Paul Cave luggage and it looked awsome and it would be good to see more. Come on! Show off a bit.