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  1. Fear and Loathing in Cricklewood

    Africa Twin
    Don't think I ever posted this here... 14th June 2003 It’s thirty degrees in the shade and I’m clad in Kevlar, Gore-Tex and leather. I’m already hot and bothered and as I enter the Willesden Junction branch of HSBC the sight of half a dozen loitering customers does little to cool me down. I’m...
  2. Rear Luggage rack

    Africa Twin
    So here comes the first of my many newb questions :) Oh, and it's a Austrian '91 AT - which, I think, makes it an RD04? Anyhoo, it came with a Givi Maxi top box and, as I hate, top boxes with a loathing and a passion, I removed it, along with the AT baseplate only to find a rather sad, and...
  3. For Sale: Dvds for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi got loads of old Dvds to sell, £2 each plus P'n'P here is the list Waynes World The disapperance of alice creed Black hawk down A bridge to far Jet li's Fearless Kes Lock stock the compleate tv series Shaun of the dead No reservations The warriors Matrix reloaded Long way round Assault on...