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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I am looking for a crankshaft or engine for my rd07a 2001 xrv750. I know both are long shots and tough to locate but I thought I would ask on the forum first. I believe all africa twin xrv750 crankshafts are the same part number from 1990 onwards. Many thanks in advance, Ian
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,does anyone have for sale or know where i can get the rubber grommets which mount the bash plate to the frame mine have perished and i dont seem to be able to locate the grommets locally .. Will i have to go to a Honda dealer ? Any one with an alternative or like i said, some spare for...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello AT Fans! Can you identify this aftermarket exhaust on my XRV750 RD04? It was installed on an AT I purchased and I am unable to locate any stamps or reference to an aftermarket manufacture. It sounds really nice on the V-twin. Any thoughts or guess? Thanks in advance!
  4. Transalp
    Hi Lads I fear that im having CDI issues with my 96 reg 600 alp. She is stuck in the shed at the minute until i find a replacement. My CDI seems to be the single type but it seems harder to locate a spare. Why do some of them have two separate CDI's instead of a single one. Any help appreciated.
  5. Transalp
    Does anyone know where I might locate a replacement owners manual for my XL700VA-B 2011?
  6. XL
    Hi all, new on here first post,, I am trying to get an 87 XL250R back on the road but parts are getting hard to locate :o Anyone have a Rear Mudgard? Any colour I can spray if need be,, Any help appreciated. Regards Philip
  7. XL
    Can anyone advise where to source new crank and gearbox ball bearings for the XL500 range. In particular those with the grooved outer race that locate in the casings.
  8. XL
    Hi There, I am restoring a xl125r and am trying to locate a rear silencer for it . Has anyone got one for sale regards paul
  9. Africa Twin
    Gday, Ive been unable to locate any Carb overhaul kits on the few aftermarket sites that Im aware off. Can anyone tell me if overhaul kits are available from anywhere please. Thanks.
  10. Africa Twin
    Looking for the filter element and after checking Wemoto, Rugged Roads and CMSNL, I cannot seem to locate. Anyone have any ideas or perhaps one you could part with? Thx
  11. XL
    Hello all i'm new to the site and basically need some help in trying to locate some clocks for the above bike and some indicators and stems. So if anyone can help please give me a shout .... thanks all.
  12. Dominator / FMX
    hi all i have a carburettor diaphragm has split and honda uk say they are know longer available for the nx650 dominator...not what i wanted to here..any idea where i may locate one or can i fit another carb ...thank you in advance for your help mal.
  13. XR
    Evening, Thorough wash and degrease today to have a good look over and here we go. Delighted. All I can find is the guts of the spark arrestor missing and one screw, that to locate/retain the speedo cable in the front wheel missing - maybe not replaced at last service. I'm very pleased. Stuart
  14. Africa Twin
    Some time ago I came across a detailed how to on an AT front fork rebuild. It was very well done and provided very good labelled photos. I thought I had saved the PDF, but for the life of me, cannot locate it, or the thread. Can anyone remember this thread? Thx Murray
  15. Varadero
    I cannot locate my fiche list with the part number for the 2004 Vara rear hub, rubber cush drive. Can anyone assist please as I need to get a set ordered PDQ!! :(
  16. Dominator / FMX
    Hope someone may have come across this problem before and found an answer. My 1988 Dominator 650 is in need of a replacement master cylinder for the front brake.I have been unable to locate a second hand one.Does anyone know if a master cylinder from another bike would work
  17. Africa Twin
    Is there a trick to get the box rubbers over the carb tops on a 93 AT?? Tried greasing 'em but the damn thing wont locate properly and there's no room to get my fingers in. Spent ages trying to sort it. It should be such a simple job!! Any (constructive) suggestions appreciated. :)
  18. Transalp
    Found this piece of plastic from my xl650v4 and cant remember where its from :D
  19. Transalp
    I am hoping that some of you fine people will be able to help me out with locating a set of hand guards for the Alp. As I'm sure most of you know, I will be heading to Timbuktu on the 'Alp in the new Year. Unfortunately I have been let down by Touratech (surprise, surprise) as I ordered a set of...
1-19 of 19 Results