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  1. XL
    For a 74 xl350e any experience or suggestion on which carb to use I am having a hard time locating exactly which carb to use. There seems to be a few variations of the mikuni vm38 and the 38 mm one from kelhin I don't need to use the original choke cable. I just can't afford the 200-300 original...
  2. Varadero
    I am about to fit a Tutoro Oiler on my Vara. I was thinking of the Givi rack but wondering where others may have fitted it No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife Isn't saying
  3. Varadero
    Hi all I am having trouble locating the idle mixture screws on my carbs. Can anyone help me out pls? The bike surges when cruising at low speeds in any gear and also misfires when you blip the throttle when gearing down. Nick
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello all, My TA to AT conversion is almost finished. I need a few parts to finish. What I am looking for is an online European parts source that I can order parts via microfische etc. since I live in California. thanks, Christian
1-4 of 4 Results