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  1. What's what on an H4?

    Mechanical Advice
    I have finally received my KMX 200 headlamp, and I now want to wire it up sot that I can undo the bullet connectors for the 35/35 unti and replace it with a wired bit for the 55/60 bulb. I have wire. I have bullet connectors. I even have the plastic socket that attaches to the back of an H4...
  2. Didn't get made redundant. Bugger!

    Well the decisions been made and I wasn't 'put at risk' on Friday. I suppose I should be pleased, but I can't help but think this is a bad thing. My logic is the company is going down and fast, and those of us left stand a chance of being stitched up when the bank force us into liquidation. Does...
  3. I repaired my tripmaster

    Africa Twin
    Problem: my tripmaster has not increase km stand over few hundreds km.. if ever than only for 0,1km on 100 - 200km. I coudn't operate him via buttons... he was frozen... (I coudn't change time, trips etc.. ) I coudn't find answers on Inet, only questions.... because I'm electro...