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  1. For Sale: Honda Varadero XL1000, '02 plate

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    FOR Sale - Honda Varadero XL1000, '02 plate, Blue - circa 67k miles. Mechanically sound, looked after bike. It's got a good few miles under its belt, so it's not pristine, but it's a good runner. Touring screen, engine bars, Honda top box and colour matched panniers, Quill cans (they sound...
  2. eBike site dead again...??

    I have been trying to get on to the eBike site over the past day or so and although the front page comes up ok, as soon as I try the Login page, the following comes up: The client area is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for this inconvenience, we will be up and running...

    just posted this in the "other house" bigtrailie • Login
  4. XLV 750R resurection

    Africa Twin
    Not really an AT but more than an XL so posting here posted this on Bigtrailie, but as its technical will post here also bigtrailie • Login :thumbup: will edit signiture to read 3 XLVs :color:
  5. For Sale: BMW R1150GS over on Big Traillie

    For Sale / Wanted
    bigtrailie • Login Cheers GOG

    Anybody used them ? I ordered a camera lens from them last week and i'm beginning to get a bad feeling about them. Difficult to get hold of them, can't login to my account and the resend password isn't happening. Phone line just keep saying call back later as we have technical issues with...
  7. DROOOOL !

    Africa Twin
    Came across this today. Has the guys arm been ripped off yet ? Les Camper Vans (272) MOTORCYCLES Aermacchi (4) AJS (19) Any (1) Aprilia (12) Ardie (1) Ariel (24) Benelli (28) Bimota (7) BMW (53) Bond (1) BSA (112) Buell (1) Bultaco (7) Cafe Racer (2) Cagiva (2) Can Am (2) Coventry...
  8. Used to be a member here but lost log-in details so re-registered, got new bike :)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I used to be a member on this site a few years ago when I had an RD04, till it got nicked... Cant rememebr my original login details but was along the lines of deiferdog, as used now. Anyway, just put a deposit down on a cracking RD07, picking it up Saturday. Can't wait :-D:-D Looking...
  9. Leo Vince x3 Exhaust for AT - watch out

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I've lost my old login so after many attempts i decided to make a new user name. I can't even remember the name let alone the password! Anyway, I'm Mark from Norfolk and I bought a 85,000 miler a few years ago. Right to the topic in hand I'm not sure if any of you spotted the leo vince...
  10. Busters problems, maybe I/you should have avoid them

    Placed an order first thing wednesday morning from busters. I rang first to check items where in stock, told they were, and then tried to place order but he couldnt find me on the system(I have used them loads of times) so said I couldnt place order as my card(uk based bank) didnt match the...
  11. Complete blackRD04 bresking for parts. Just saw this might interest someone on here.

    Africa Twin
    Not me breaking it but as parts are getting harder to find I thought any of you with an RD04 would want to know about it. I did see it in person the other day and it's straight and clean. Crank is gone. XRV Ireland • Login
  12. VIP prices at Sports Rider

    Discounts / Deals
    If you've seen my review of the I recommended Sports Rider for price and service, they now have a VIP area on the website that offers special prices to forum members, the VIP area can be found at...
  13. TLD Website

    The Longest Day
    The New revamped TLD Website is now complete, The regsitration section offline at moment, until we decided what we are doing next year. You will need to register again (sorry), the registration for the ride should be easier, the details can be saved (your choice), making it even easier for all...
  14. Admin e mails

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    This was in the admin e mail can one of you deal plse? MOM
  15. Paypal security Update scam

    Just a heads up about paypal security updates doing the rounds. I haven't received one of these in ages, and I can only guess it is somehow linked to the recent traffic we're getting to the paypal on the TLD website. The scam email I got looked the most convincing of any received so far. This...
  16. buying from german ebay?

    hi found a item on Germany ebay Motorschutz Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD04 bei Markenspezifische Teile (endet 05.09.10 19:04:48 MESZ) how do I contact buyer as login required , thought ebay was all the same:confused:
  17. For Sale: 05 r1200 gs not mine

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    on southwest bikers it looks immaculate , in weston super mud i beleive South West Bikers | Motorcycle Forum • Login over £3500 worth of accesories on it Very very clean, tidy, excellent condition pampered low mileage R1200GS for sale. 2005 (05 plate) registered 23/07/2005 (I've done a...
  18. Was almost lorry food....

    (bit of background, cant remember my login details so had to start up a new account) Got back from Switzerland after 9 months working abroad...MOT'd my 1988 Honda Transalp on Thursday, got a spanking new tyre fitted on the Friday (it was an advisory on the MOT so safety first, got it replaced...
  19. 31-01-10 ride

    Last weekend i took a ride out with a mate of mine who's never been offroading before, he used my xr i used the gasgas. 5 of us went out 3 xr's and 2 gasgas. Weather turned nasty as we left, sleet, snow, hail you name it we had it. I put some movie bits on facebook if any one is interested...
  20. Rainbow Trust Ride-out from Rykas Cafe

    The Longest Day
    Hello all. I'm putting the word around for a charity ride at the end of August. No apologies if you see this on another forum either! I hope the link below will take you to the Facebook page for the event. Dont forget to phone or email them to register. Some of us may wish to enquire about...