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  1. Free sprockets!

    I have these two. Free to collect from North London, or £10 posted they fit a 650 Transalp, and maybe a 600/700 too? (i'm not sure) - standard 48 tooth rear sprocket - 47 tooth rear sprocket (lowers the revs a little for motorway riding) both only lightly used as per these...
  2. Begginer form London!

    Hello! Im Konrad from motorcycle windscreens Im new here and wanna ask about Varadero 1000 (2004) It is good for begginer? I plan long trips and wonder if it will be suitable?
  3. For Sale: Yuasa Battery YTZ12S new and boxed

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I bought a new battery for my 07 Transalp and found it was a charging issue and didn't need to fit it. It was bought online in May and i didn't get round to sending it back... Its still sealed in the box, genuine Yuasa YTZ12S looking for £40 would need to be collected ideally Based Nr...
  4. XL700V - temperature gauge going bananas

    Hello folks I'm hoping you can help me pinpoint the cause of a peculiar looking issue with the 700. A bit of background; I've had the bike for a couple of years and recently had the engine rebuilt by a Honda dealer to repair a stripped output shaft. The splines the sprocket mounts onto had...
  5. New MOT rules exhaust noise???

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm hopeful to get the old Dominator back on the road this month, however a friend advised there are new MOT rules regarding the exhuast noise. His CBR300 recently failed a test with a modified exhaust. Now my Dominator has a single exhaust and its loud, not as loud as some bikes but I'm...
  6. Vstrom 650 or Tracer 700 or NC750X??

    I am looking for a "do it all" bike, to replace the Transalp (London ULEZ has kiboshed it's use) and the R1200RT. I am looking at the Vstrom 650, the Tracer 700 or the NC750X I have ridden the NC750X recently and it was good. I rode the VStrom a while back, but can't remember anything about...
  7. 700 ABS Bleeding/New Brake Fluid linked brakes help!

    Hi, I am a new forum member, in London, have been lurking for a while and getting a lot out of this great site/forum. I got my 2011 700XLVA a few months ago and have just started doing some servicing. The bike has 16,000 miles on it now, loving it so far, so much more comfortable and...
  8. For Sale: RD07A, 23454 miles

    For Sale / Wanted
    Here is my Honda Africa Twin XRV 750, a bike for life! I am reluctantly selling (never planned to) as we are moving to Australia! I am 198cm so I have made some adjustments to suit a taller rider including 2" dropped foot rests (but I still have the originals) and 2" handle bar risers...
  9. Anyone want a free 600 exhaust silencer?

    i have this and it seems a shame to bin it genuine 600 exhaust muffler/silencer the 'bottom' end is is perfect nick, but there is rust and a 8mm hole on the rear - easy fix for someone who can weld or rivet a plate on top? collect north London or £10 postage (uk)
  10. For Sale: Honda Africa Twin RD04 XCRV750 1992

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Hope everyone is doing well on this forum. Herewith I'm thinking about selling my RD04 due to the fact I have no more time to ride it ... lots of times abroad for my job so I need to make choices. Alright so here it goes: °Totally prepped for the big adventure °Arrow exhaust °Extra...
  11. Recommend me a mechanic

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Back in the uk after an adventure in Spain, based in the east London, Essex area still have my 2002 RD08 Dominator and want to get it back on the road it' been all over Spain and I'd like to just hand it over to someone to have the engine looked at it' developed a few rattles and runs a bit...
  12. She's alive again.

    Dominator / FMX
    As you know I had some issues with the bike, two new CDI's from ebay and nothing, some coughing and spluttering but the bike wasn't starting reliably and then the carb decided to piss fuel all over the garage floor. Carb was fixed easy enough, broke the choke but had a spare, still with the crap...
  13. Attention all 650 owners in UK...

    Attention all 650 owners in UK...(ULEZ) In April 2019 new emissions rules come into effect in London (The "ULEZ"). Any bike that does not meet the Euro3 standard will have to pay £12.50 per day to enter central London. There is an online checker here where you can see if your bike is ok , or...
  14. Ace Cafe adventure bike day - Sun 18th March 2018

    Anyone here going?
  15. The new xrv750 !

    Africa Twin
    Ok ,it's the middle of winter and before I go into a freekin' coma with this freeze-up. I though this might generate a bit of heat !! I need a PROPER XRV750 Replacement ! For some months now I've been excited by the prospect of a bike to properly stand tall on my AT side of the workshop. The...
  16. For Sale: Yamaha SR125, low miles (London) ideal leaner bike

    For Sale / Wanted
    withdrawn withdrawn
  17. XL600R engine parts

    I have a bottom end for a XL600R, it the red magnesium casing complete with crank and con-rod. Also have two pairs of cylinders and a complete set of dellorto carbs (two together) and wish to sell them off. WOuld rather offer them to the community instead of eBay. Will accept a reasonable offer...
  18. Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Miada Vale, W London

    Mechanical Advice
    Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Guildford Earlier this week, my nephew Sam purchased from a guy in West Midlands, what was my old Transalp 650 but after checking it over and it flying through the MOT, the bike stopped on the M1 on the way back to London from Shropshire...
  19. 2011 XL700V Transalp and stuttering at low revs

    Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 2011 Honda XL700V Transalp and am still getting used to riding it. One thing that I'm not sure if it's normal or not though is that the bike stutters (like it's about to stall) between 1500 and 2000 revs consistently. This makes commuting in Central London somewhat...
  20. Wanted: centre stand

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks just wondering if anyone has a spare centre stand they would like to sell - honda or aftermarket (I'm in Australia though and will cover the postage) Also interested in crashbars or an ally sump guard (planning an overland trip from Australia to Paris -maybe London - depends on where...