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  1. Lee's RD07s resto reassembly

    Africa Twin
    I will not post complete sets of pictures of before and after. we all know what a sad RD07 looks like. Instead, I will post a few pictures of sub-assemblies put back together after every single component has been either powder coated or plated. The longest and toughest job is preparation. When...
  2. Batteries: How long do they last roughly?

    I have a 2010 XL700VA Transalp, with 28000 miles on the clock, that this morning didn't have enough life in the battery to start it. It hasn't been started in about a week which is the longest it has gone without being used in the short time I have owned it. It took a charge from the Oximiser...
  3. 10 years ago today.....

    March 1st 2005 I picked up my XR400 from the Honda dealer in Edinburgh. March 1st 2015 the bike is still taxed, tested & insured. This is the longest that I have ever had a bike in constant use. During that period other bikes have come and gone but this was never going to happen with the XR (I'd...
  4. Wanted: Cheap bike, for charity ride

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A plee for help to support a good cause ! Having lost a family member and watched a close friend battle Cancer last year, I have signed up for this years 'Longest Day Down' charity ride from John o groats to Lands End in 24 hrs. In order to participate I need to purchase a bike for no more...
  5. The Longest Day

    Hi Guys, Not been here for a while, but for some reason I nipped back on today. It's 6 years and 1 day since I rode with a group of you guys (Z-Wieser you still here?) from John OGroats to Lands End. I'm still wearing the wrist band I bought off Vader (but the writing is almost faded off)...
  6. Trans Alp 700

    Hello I am a new member of this forum. I recently bought a 2010 Trans Alp 700 and am wondering which tyres tend to have the longest life. I ride mainly on the road and occasionally forest tracks.At the moment it is fitted with Bridgestone Trailwings, they seem to be a bit noisy and there is...
  7. Happy Aniversary My Darling

    AS the title say "Happy Aniversary" 10 years to the day we've been together, the longest i have ever owned a motorcycle and i have no intention of getting rid of her Guess now give it another 18mths - 2years it will be time to make raised pillion pegs and fit a rear lap strap to her :D:D
  8. The longest loan

    5 years ago Stumpy fingers loaned me some panniers for 2 weeks. I gave them back to him on Tuesday. Sorry Stumpy and thanks again. Your a top man. I think they are going to look great on your new bike..
  9. The Longest Day returns 2014

    The Longest Day
    Dear XRV Friends ~ Fellow Riders and Forum members, TLD returns to these shores in 2014 :) planning is in its early stages but we will be putting on an event for those who wish to take part and raise some money for charity. The route maybe one that some previous riders have done but there is...
  10. Driving bans

    What's the longest driving ban that you've come across? I certainly don't recall any long driving bans being handed out in the UK. Well, one young lad that lost control of his car and killed a 15 year old girl, who was a passenger in the back seat, has been given a 3 year sentence and a 20 year...
  11. The Longest day

    Charity Events
    Are we going to have a longest day trip this year ? I did the last 2 and had great time. I fully understand why last years was cancelled but if people are up for it this year I certainly am and very happy to help with the hard thankless work of organising it. What people think ?
  12. Show us your Transalp

    Guess seeing as how I keep getting them it could be fun to have a thread dedicated to the Transalp. Maybe some of your fav pics to be immortalised on XRV My first was my Longest Day Day bike the first JoG to LE My second was a cheapy , but still took me around the Pyrenees and a few UK tours...
  13. How long have you had yours

    Africa Twin
    Ive had my 2000 black and sand xrv for seven years today.Called in to a local honda dealership to order a set of grafics for a xr400 and left with a africa twin just wonded who has had the same africa twin the longest on the site plus how many have private regs on there bikes.
  14. The Longest Day 2012 - Ride Cancelled!

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, What a shame I have just read today the 2012 ride has been cancelled, what a shame. The 2011 ride was the first ride we have attended and was awesome! Was really looking forward to this one. Hopefully there will be another ride next year. I am still going to do Land's End to John...
  15. Bridge anyone?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    No, not the card game!:( As the weather looked a bit iffy I decided to stooge around near home today and look at bridges.:rolleyes: The old Tweed bridge that used to carry the A7 between Selkirk and Galashiels. A mile up the road is Lindean bridge across the river Ettrick. Both these bridges...
  16. Tuscany 2013

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This is probably the longest notice ever given but I am thinking of going back..........I will probably want to take the quickest route there and maximize the time I have "in situ" hopefully also spend some time with my family (anyone else tagging along may want to skip that as it is fairly...
  17. The Longest Day 2012 - Official Thread

    The Longest Day
    I know it is late but we are only a couple of months away so this is it :- 1) Lands End to John O'Groats - there was originally at lot of interest in doing this, so if you want to do this route please register on the web site and state your preference. 2) The Flag Challenge - two routes, one...
  18. The Longest Day

    Ok I have not taken part in any but the first run for some reason or another but I follow it every year. We donate every year as much as we can,sometimes more sometimes less. It is something which is very meaningfull for both of us. For some strange reason I went online yesterday and had a...
  19. Sweating at work...

    Need people to cross fingers for me... Sat here sweating at work waiting for news of my little gorgeous who is going in for an op this morning (my Niece who lives with me). She has Cerebral Palsy and needs an op to put her hip back into the socket, she's only 5 and is very frightened and this...
  20. The Longest Day 2011 - The Only Thread You Need For Everything You Need To Know!

    The Longest Day
    This thread is locked and cannot be posted to. It will be updated periodically with ALL the information that riders need for The Longest Day 2011. Everything that you need to know will be on this thread on the Xrv website. You can also find out everything you need to know on The Longest Day...