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  1. Wanted: Longshot! XRV650 RD03 Carbs wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    My carbs are worn past the point of repair and the only option seems to be some secondhand carbs; have seen them on eBay Germany in the past but not for a while. Haven't posted here for years but thought it might be worth a try. Anyone got some RD03 carbs lurking in the back of the shed? Cheers
  2. XL250 Motorsport

    Hi guys my 1st post hope it is in the right place.I have recently acquired a 1974 xl250 motor sport without a engine.I would like to rebuild it as original but having real trouble sourcing a suitable engine.I know its a longshot but does anyone know of or have one for sale? I do hope someone can...
  3. Wanted: RD03 Exhaust and Headlight Protector

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ok, this is a longshot, but I am finishing up a restoration of my RD03 and am missing the original exhaust and a headlight protector. If you have either, in any shape, let me know what you want for them. Thanks!
  4. Wanted: Touratech single seat wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ok know its a longshot, but does anyone have a touratech single seat for sale ? any condition??? plus i still have some RD07a forks and yokes, and rear shock for sale if anyones interested....
  5. Singapore F1 Longshot

    I know it's a bit of a longshot but is anyone going to be in Singapore for the F1. :wav: Give me a shout / pm for a meet up and I will pass my local phone number. :occasion5: