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  1. Wanted: Pair front calipers for 2000 at

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi has anybody got a pair of front calipers for rd07a spareI may be able salvage the right hand side but left is rotted. Thanks for looking
  2. Wanted: Xl250 1984ish engine

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just thought I would ask on here if anybody had any spare parts for a honda xl250r preferably a complete engine lol. I have stripped it down today and crank as 0.4mm on the crank side to side movement were the thrust washers are and bores are worn so any help in finding an engine much...
  3. Still looking

    im still in need of the grey clock surround panel for my 98 trany can any 1 help :puke:
  4. Wanted: RD04 1990 Rear RH Panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Like the title says I am after a Right hand rear panel for my @ 1990 I am not too bothered about colour as I intend to spray it white hope someone on here can help please Pm if you can help Thx for looking
  5. I'm lookin' for an angel...

    I'm lookin' for an @ngel But @ngels are so few but until the day that one comes along I'll string along with you.... A look at MCN recently shows how few @s are for sale. Few will part with them but also there must be fewer around. A rare species!!!:glasses2: Lucky I have more than one, so...
  6. help im lookin for info on easy off road trails

    Great Roads/Routes
    hi im new to all this, a bad case of all the gear but no idea :lol: can anyone offer any help on localish easy trails or where i can get info on them im from the stoke-on-trent area :(