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  1. Hello loons!

    Awright lads and lassies......Rico here, husband to a newbie XL125 Varadero ownin wife, while on her way to full bifta license status one day. Wir up in West Aberdeenshire so its dark maist o the time! Shes well likin the bike and wi it being a decent size for a 125 will make the step up tae...
  2. RBLR 1000 mile charity ride 2012

    Africa Twin
    hi all, I have just registered for the royal british legion 1000 mile in 24hours charity ride, all funds rasied will be for the poppey appeal its takes place weekend 22, 23 & 24th of june i will be riding the clock wise southern route anybody on here doing it ? :thumbright: if so i would...