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  1. Chatter
    Does anyone work in an institution that still had toilets reserves for executive use only? I was told earlier on today about someone who was spoken to as they had gone and used the loos on the executive floor in their place of work. I really thought that sort of thing was in the past.
  2. Chatter
    In Essex... Vader. You better look out your uncle's Luger.
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    After the Galloway forest trip Anne and I went up to Islay and Jura for a few days to sample whisky and generally just chill for a few days. I am useless with a camera either forgetting to take photos at all or taking crap one's; so not a photo filled report. Anyway the basic outline was ride...
  4. Transalp
    Hi, stupid newbie question no 331;) my side stand though bolted on tightly enough, still is loose and has an extent of free play. Infact the bike will settle when placed on the side stand as the free slack is taken up. Was initially worried that i had a missing componenet/spacer, but a quick...
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    How many XRV men does it take to change an XRV lady's light bulb? Answer later. Just back from a great working day in London - huge thanks to Sean for hosting it. Jem made it to Sean's London warehouse last night. I was supposed to be there but was late, held up after driving my dad to a...
  6. National Organisers
    The loos and showers are more substantial than at Dent but I suspect we might need extra loos. Any thoughts? Who will organise this? Can we get power out to the marquee (assuming we have one)? Anyone know if there is internet access - We could webcam the whole event :p
  7. Chatter
    Published: 03 October 2007 12:00 PM Source: The Engineer Online News reached The Engineer this week of a project that could spell a more comfortable ride for saddle-sore motorcyclists. A group of researchers, which includes a team from Loughborough University, is investigating a new...
  8. Great Roads/Routes
    Had this idea for a series of posts. As I travel up and down the M6 between junctions 32 and 21 day after day I know what is just off all the junctions in between that is useful to know. I thought if I started it on that bit motorway others could add stuff about other junctions on the M6 and...
  9. Great Roads/Routes
    Went for a great ride yesterday. Nipped along the M4 from Bridgend and got off at Junction 48and then followed the coast road. Down to Llanelli, along the coast to Burry Port and then up through Kidwelly to camarthen where we stopped for a coffee. From Camarthen we went down to st clears...
1-9 of 10 Results