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  1. Heavy Duties centre stand?

    I've bought their centre stand for the TA700 but it came with no instructions and a quick search here revealed no hints about the general fitting method. So... Do I need to take anything off the bike? A quick look seems to show the side stand in the way. Do I grease the hinge pin during...
  2. What size of innertube

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    The tube on the XR400 is loosing a few PSI a week and it's probably only going to get worse so I should have a spare to hand when I pull the tyre to investigate. I see 18" tubes advertised as 4.10/3.50-18 the 18 bit is obvious but how do the other figures relate to the wheel width of 2.15? Is...
  3. Compensation overturned

    Not mine I hasten to add. Court overturns rider's crash compensation. You're riding on your side of the road, you get hit by a truck crossing the white line, loosing your right leg in the process - and the trucking company is cleared of negligence! Fecking unbelievable! 100% free webcam...
  4. i am loosing my minde!

    i have xl 650 v1 for two years and i cannot escape the feeling that my bike is leaning little to the right!maybe is all in my head(probable),but when i ride straight,and look at the instruments,i see that the handlebar is not perfectly straight,but little bit to the it possible,or am i...
  5. Help with Africa Twin loosing power

    Africa Twin
    Question I did try a lot of things but still the same problem the moment I reach 120km/h (Plus minus 80miles/h) I loose power, you get a similar feeling by pulling in the choke. I check the choke wires and want to know, can you disconnect the choke. Do you do it at the top or at the carb. Is it...
  6. Please Help! - Loosing oil

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have a 92 RDO4 with 400000 km on the clock. I rode back to London from Southhampton at the weekend (not very far!) and when I got back the oil was half way down the dipstick! It had been full when I began :( The bike seems to have quite a high fuel comsumption as well. There are no...
  7. 2000 AT cutting out/ loosing power

    Africa Twin
    Guys My newly aquired AT has been loosing power and cutting out intermittantly for a month since I bought it. It seems to be fairly random but was becoming more frequent in the first mile after starting it up. Typically it will start again and may not give any further trouble for even long...