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  1. New Africa Twin - 'Users Views'.

    Africa Twin
    Unsure if this subject has been covered in any depth but its almost been a year since the launch of the new @T. So, 'users' will have had enough time to evaluate and assess the new bike's potential. I know there have been so many reviews written on this bike, but what I'm looking for is the...
  2. KTM 990 Adventure

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Well I finally bought one :thumbup: This is the bike the Honda AT should have become. Owned for 4 weeks now and LOVE it. Just a bit hesitant in mid throttle on occasions ( common problem) BUT GREAT And Suzi loves the comfort of the Gel seat :thumbup:
  3. Trello

    Just wanted to mention some software that I've been using recently. I've just come back from a bike trip around Portugal, and I used Trello to organise my bike packing before going. I'm a bit of list nut, I love writing down what I need to do, what I need to pack, etc. and then derive perverse...
  4. I had to laugh today

    A ,local guy has got Claudio from the long way downs GS, he loves telling everyone how he bought and has not cleaned it so it stil has the original long way down mud and dust on it , anddoes not take it out in the rain in case the mud and dust gets washed off anyhow there was a MAG show in...
  5. ipad advice

    Who has one and who knows about them? Just got one for the little one and she loves it, it's a first gen but does for her (she's 5) because she can paint etc just using her fingers and what not, good stuff. Well, our Chel is 16 next week and i was thinking of getting her one for her birthday...
  6. Xl250S newb! Elec questions & front mudguard

    Hey there gents. Forgive me from posting from far out of country but this seems to be one of the only active XL forums I can find. Just acquired myself a rather cosmetically beat-up '81 XL250S, but it runs great for the age. I love it, feels like it could climb vertical faces and then ask for...
  7. Pale white Saffa who loves the trails

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Just a quick hello and intro. I've been on the muddy island since 2002 and have had two Hondas so far. I am looking to make it three shortly. I'm on the look out for a XL/XR500 or 600. I used to ride one in SA and feel the need to punish some trails (in an ecologically sensitive way -...
  8. chadly loves a bargain

    just got me a brand spankin new scorpion carbon end can for the toxic shitter...
  9. There is a god and he loves TA riders

    Got back from the Stella trip last Friday :- Great trip would recommend that its on every bikers to do list:- Bike went fine , some minor niggles:- Rear brake is shite and I need to do something about improving it Speedo cable packed up after 1500 miles of almost continuous use :twisted...