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lower seat

  1. Wanted: RD07/A Seat.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I’m after a standard or higher seat. Can buy or swap for my Corbin lower seat.
  2. Wanted: corbin or lower seat for AT

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a Corbin or a lowered seat for Twin. Only got short legs and really could do with lowering by half inch or an inch Thanks
  3. Lower Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi , Dommie is grand, but a bit tall. Any way I can lower seat hight ? Maybe change rear shock or seat alteration ? Regards Malart.
  4. transalp 700 lower seat

    i have a lower transalp 700 seat for sale £50 +p+p 01792 919646
  5. Transalp 650 lower seat

    I have ordered a lower seat. Had the bike since May 2013 and dropped it in u-turns twice, both just after filling up fuel tank. My confidence diminished making me reluctant to ride. So today ordered a lower seat from Lings for £65 delivered. I am very happy with the Transalp, like the good...
  6. Spent some time and a little cash to sort my Transalp

    Hello, For anyone with buffeting or wind noise issues I though I would post a couple of pics of my recently purchased Tranny which I have been spending a bit of cash on to sort out the screen issues and to lower to accommodate my 29" inside leg getting both feet on floor. Firstly the screen, I...
  7. For Sale: Corbin seat for Africa Twin - for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I recently bought a Corbin seat for my RD07a - always loved the look of them and they're reputed to be quite comfy. However, it's notably lower than the OE seat and, at 6' 1", I'm finding it uncomfotable on longer journeys - not the seat per se, but the old knees which get more bent due to the...
  8. For Sale: Transalp XL650 v4

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I’m selling my Transalp XL650V4 2004. Taxed to MOT to end November, MOT to May 2013. I love the bike and it is in good condition and with a little tlc could be in very good condition, but a major life-style change means I must sell and cannot ride or provide elbow grease. It has one previous...
  9. First impression of my F800GS

    I thought I just share some impressions from the first longer trip done on my F800GS. Quality: Do not like the plastic handlebar pods. I would prefere to have them in good old aluminium. Finish: So far so good. Sound: It sounds like... a Boxer! BMW have IMHO managed to create quite a good and...
  10. short legs

    Hi everyone. Some advice please. My wife is bored with riding her Virago 535 and having just completed a 4000 mile trip through some of Africa on a Honda C90, she is looking to try an adventure tourer. In case she doesn't like that style of bike she is loathe to spend out on the F650GS on which...
  11. For Sale: Random bits for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi i have the following bits for sale Original Honda Transalp lower seat - with rear foam removed, but cover intact and just tucked under (had intended on making it a solo seat with rack on back) Haynes Nine rear disc brake with disc and pads (the rubber bleed nipple has gone and hence...
  12. For Sale: 1992 J Plate RD04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1992 J Plate Africa Twin RD04 Unfortunatley Jamped (my dad) is having to sell his RD04, the bike is a 1992 on a J plate, has been professionally resprayed in Ford RS Orange, comes with crash bars, high screen, braided front and rear hoses, Renthal bars and lowered seat, larger foot pegs. Top...
  13. Genuine Honda XL650V Transalp Lower Seat NEW XL650 XL

    eBay - XL
    £75.00 End Date: Monday Feb-21-2011 8:34:04 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;75.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  14. Genuine Honda XL650V Transalp Lower Seat NEW XL650 XL

    eBay - Transalp
    £75.00 End Date: Friday Feb-18-2011 16:54:29 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;75.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  15. First Impressions of new (to me) TA650 Photos and some questions

    Hi All, Here are some comments on my new purchase a 2007 650 Transalp. I have a few general questions at the bottom if anyone can enlighten me! I got the TA to replace my KLR650 Cmodel which was stolen. Comming straight from the KLR most of my comments are a comparsion against it. Prior to the...
  16. TA650 Lowering Kit - Any experience?

    Hello, I have a 650TA with a genuine Honda lower seat, and am reasonably comfortable with being pretty much on tippy toes. However, I have issues with paddling the bike back & forth, i.e. in/out of a car parking space, especially if the bike is loaded with luggage, as I do not have enough leg...
  17. Test rode a 700!

    I woke up on Thursday (was off work) & thought "I fancy a go on a 700 Alp" - I'm not one for test riding a bike just for the sake of it but have recently spoken to people who have experienced both & I have been left more than a little intrigued, so I decided to pop into Hunts of Manchester...
  18. Super Ten gets accessory update

    Yamaha has announced accessories for the XT1200Z Super Ténéré with a 10% price cut voucher available online until 7 May. The collection of Genuine Accessories includes: Aluminium Side Cases Aluminium Top Case Side Case & Top Case Inner Bags Higher Screen Engine Guards Aluminium Skid...
  19. Smaller wheel Transalp XL650V

    Can anyone please help? Due to being short in the leg, I am thinking of fitting a 19" or even 17" front wheel in place of the 21" front wheel that is standard. Would this affect both the speedo and/or mileometer readings? If this occurs how do I solve the problem i.e. different speedo drive...
  20. Lowest possible seat height ...

    Africa Twin
    ... for Africa Twin Hi, I have the opportunity to buy a used Africa Twin Year 2000, but due to to being short of stature 5'6" and wanting to have a safe grip with both feet on the ground my question is ¿ What is the lowest possible height of the seat and still have a comfortable ride as I am...