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  1. Triumph tiger 1050 with scratched fork lowers

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there my friends triumph tiger 1050 has developed some scratches on the lower forks which are repeatedly damaging his seals. I know there are some technical gurus on here so I promised him I would ask for advice on how to fill out or remove the scratches and avoid buying expensive new fork...
  2. Busted fairing

    Africa Twin
    Curses dropped my bike yesterday. Off on a paragliding mission, there were a few yards of concrete on the path, when wet it is covered in slime. Moning at about 10mph the front end went, caught it first time second time Man Down. Fairing is badly damaged, just the top section. Several cracks and...
  3. Yet another re-build - sorry!

    Africa Twin
    ;) My bike's been off the road for a while getting stripped and prepped for a re-build, but I've not had a PC for a while so I've not been on here for ages. So far I've stripped it completly and done a quick rub-down and flash-over on the engine as the cases were terrible. Worst bit was when...
  4. National 2012 - Calling all Norfolk XRV'rs..

    National Meets
    Just a few more ideas for rideouts at the National, if anyone is interested or willing to put themselves forward as ride leader / tour-guide for something loosely based around the following that would be splendid..:thumbup: Scenic Road ride North to the Coast to the see the Seals - we are...
  5. 2012 National - Rideouts and potential ride leaders..

    National Organisers
    This is what I initially proposed, Thetford Forrest / Peddars Way Trail Ride Scenic Road ride North to the Coast to the see the Seals Scenic Road ride South along the Suffolk Coast Swift road ride that includes main beach highlights from both of the above. Possibly including Wells, Sheringham...
  6. Changing the fork springs, question

    I have a set of wilbers springs to put in the forks. So for those of you who have done this before, is it really necessaryt to remove the forks from the bike? Or jack up front of bike remove fork lowers, change springs, oil and seals and re-install?
  7. Honda Integra

    Other Honda
    Yeah, I know it's not an "Adventure" bike, but it is a Honda, and the engine feels a bit like a V-Twin!! I posted the piece below on another forum, and I thought someone may find it of use or interesting... Integra impressions. Well, I finally managed to get a test ride on an Integra today...
  8. Forks, re-build

    Africa Twin
    So been quoted just under 500 quid to have @t forks rebuilt consisting of..... New bushes and seals, emulators fitted, springs matched to my weight...fork lowers powdercoated... Anybody else had simlar done, if so Is this expensive ?....does it improve things ?..... Anybody know where I can...
  9. RD03 fork upgrades?

    Africa Twin
    Are there any affordable, effective mods or upgrades I can do to my RD03 forks whilst I'm in the process of rebuilding the bike? The bike has been stripped completely, just got the rear shock serviced, frame and fork lowers at the powder coaters so with the forks in bits I'm wondering about...
  10. Speed limits cut to save fuel

    Will we have Spanish practices here? Spain lowers speed limit to cut fuel bill | Business | The Guardian
  11. Tld 2010 report

    The Longest Day
    VERY ROUGH INCOMPLETE DRAFT - PICS WILL FOLLOW WHEN I AM DONE The Longest Day 2010 Team XRV Route - Number of bikers - Number of miles - Reason for ride - Amount raised - This was an annual event that I had been looking forward to with some gusto after having done the 2009 event. With so...
  12. Kouba lowering link

    CRF - New Forum!
    I got a rare ebay bargain last night:thumbup: Spotted a kouba link for my CRF450X with 30 minutes to go and waited until 15 seconds were left before bagging it for £31 :p i'm pretty sure these retail for over £100 normally:blob: The CRF4 link lowers the 2005 'X' rear by 1.75 inches...
  13. Facebook and Text Message

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Hi All, I have left two posts on the Team XRV TLD Facebook page regarding registration fees and return ferries, and have just sent this text to all the mobile phone numbers on the riders list - Hi Fellow TLD Rider, this is just a reminder that the deadline for payment of your registration fees...
  14. Snowey Aberdeenshire to the road to the Islands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well this is the view that greeted the wee Alp from its cosy winter hibernation… Saturday 3rd April 2010, This snow arrived over night last Wednesday.. Been a long winter in Aberdeenshire .. We have had snow lying since before Christmas.. The white Christmas novelty has really worn off…...
  15. Sold: Xrv 650 rd03

    For Sale / Wanted
    Time has come I need to sell my trusty Honda I've had it 7 months and it's never missed a beat!!! It's an Italian import and it's done 64,000 KMish It has crash bars and top Box(this is old and a bit battle scared) There is a small dent in tank The paints not broken I will make sure I it in the...
  16. Forks.

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know if the older and newer model front forks differ in any way? My domi lowers are in good condition but I have better uppers in the shed from an older bike.
  17. Further update on my long suffering AT !

    Africa Twin
    Been a bit busy : built a garden shed/summerhouse - now full of bits of my AT :confused: In the foreground is my AT frame ! - waiting to go to powdercoat - hopefully next week :) Forks cleaned, lowers cleaned and de-greased waiting to be painted. African Queens extension tubes fitted plus...
  18. Naked Africa Twin?

    Africa Twin
    Yens old bike - with all its clothes off after 130K miles. Bike very well preserved under a thick layer of dirt - something to be said for helping preserve the p*ss poor paint finish with oil and dirt. Only snapped one bolt when removing the engine which is pretty good really as some of...
  19. Why the choice of tyre sizes on the back?

    Africa Twin
    I have this question too .... but would a 130 or 150 profile work I've given up with the trailie type tyre and moved to the road tyre set up. It overall IMO feels a nicer ride in all weathers and during the life the tyres but tyre life is shorter. I currently running on rear a 140/70...