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  1. Biking highs & lows

    Many of us have swapped bikes over the years, some bikes performed above expectations & leave a warm feeling when you look back others may have been a bit of a dog. What have been your biking highs & lows??? For me the Transalps have done me well (there have been 5 1/2 of them now...) my main...
  2. immediidingate Overheating/popping

    Hello Everyone...I am new here & from Oregon. It is nice to meet you & share our love for the XR & riding. I recently got a 96XR400 out of retirement for about 2 years. It has been started occsionally... my friend had ridden it 4 or 5 times since i owned it before. It is in excellent shape...
  3. 'Grand' Tourers

    After my short trip this weekend; It struck me that fun & great trips can be had on cheaper bikes. This section is for the highs (and lows) for those of us who are running sub £1000 bikes. Here is my £900 accident damaged 2001...
  4. Info requset from RiDE Magazine

    Just recieved this from RiDE, can anyone here help them out ? Hello from RiDE! I'm contacting you because you're on RiDE's database as a current or former owner of a Honda Transalp, which will be the focus of next month's Bike Chooser feature. This is a six-page feature which details what a...
  5. Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got back with my son from a 2 day 700 mile round trip to Scotland and back in atrocious weather and not a single complaint from our trusty Africa twin. We had every weather imaginable, rain, sleat, snow, minus 5 degees, dense freezing fog and, strange as it may seem for Scotland, even a...
  6. Salisbury Plain Run Sunday 30th Dec

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A chance to sample the highs and lows of Salisbury Plain. We should be able to check out the Western end containing Imber village which was abandoned in the war. It only gets open this time of year. I'll try to pick an easy route including Byways. See the Calender folks.
  7. Back in the saddle

    Africa Twin
    Hi every one . After buying a Twin this week 1991 40k on the clock havent even seen it . A momentary laps of reason . Im 36 settled with family and could fight the force no longer . Im going to be tormenting you all for the next while and look forward to updating you with my highs and lows. Its...
  8. Baltic Trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Finland Normally my trips start with a mad dash because I'm late for a ferry, and so it was with this trip. I arrived in Vaasa, Finland at 2 o'clock in the morning and headed south along the Baltic coast. The plan for this trip was to ride around the Baltic Sea, alternating between exploring the...