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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi, as above! Pat.
  2. XR
    Removed my crank as it needs a new con rod , but the crankcase inside has a section that the crank sits in and there is a hole init , will this matter im sure its designed for some reason like to hold oil to lube the crank but with a hole this will reduce it ? . Does anyone have a set of cases...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hola, I've been advised (by someone on here) to lube my choke (my AT's returning low mileage) but that I should purchase some "Aluminium Choke Valve Guide" from Rugged Road as the factory ones break just by looking at them. I was just about to order when I noticed the website said they were...
  4. Mechanical Advice
    Hi lads! When people talk about Red Loctite, which one are they referring to? I see about 20 different numbers at henkel's website ... I guess what I'm asking is, which Loctites would I need for an full rebuild and for general work on a motorcycle? Also, I saw a video about rebuilding an...
  5. Clothing
    can anyone help, google aint working this time and i need some to keep the zip running free cheers :thumbup:
  6. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi Just fitted a Mitas E07 on the front of my AT ( my first attempt at tyre changing ) and I'm having a bit of bother getting the bead seated ( not a single pop yet :( ) . I'm tried six or seven times on my compressor using loads of lube and taking it up to 60 psi with the tyre valve core...
  7. Africa Twin
    Can someone recommend the best type of chain lube to get for my @, some are like a grease others spray on more like oil? I am sick of getting black crap all over the frame swinging arm and spokes lol thanks in advance
  8. Transalp
    Anybody got a tried and tested verdict on this stuff or the best chain spray,is it as good and alot cleaner than a scott oiler?
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Hi, My throttle cable is beginning to stiffen up. What is the best lube to put in it? Rick
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, for sale Motul Chain Lube Off-Road 400 ml aerosols got 6 cans. Prices: 2 - £12 delivered 3 - £15 delivered 6 - £25 delivered (not mine pic)
  11. XR
    Hi all just put a new chain on my xr125 been looking at different types of lube ie oil.greese, wax some are spray on etc can any one recomend any:thumbleft:
  12. Transalp
    Okay ,after almost 30.000km i'am tired of cleaning the greasy mess that regular chain oil leaves behind on rearwheel ,spokes ,sidestand ,on/near frontsprocket ,centrestand and so on. I've been told that this Profi Dry Lube would be the solution. Based on teflon no more oil flying everywhere...
  13. Varadero
    A few questions which I know I could probably search the answers for, but just to be up to date:p I will be needing a new set of tyres in the next 2k miles or so and was probably going to go for Tourances or my old GS favourites Anakees. However due to the nature of the beast... I am informed...
  14. Transalp
    Hi All, Not sure if many of you TA700 riders have fitted this kit yet, but I have recently purchsed these items, now just need some advice on where to position the RMV unit and the extension 'Lube Tube'. On my previous TA...650, I positioned the RMV under the seat, but as you know on the TA700...
  15. Mechanical Advice
    I know there has already been several discussions on hear re, ACF50, and the general consensus seems to be that it is good stuff, if a little pricier than the alternatives. However one specific question came to mind the other day, which I don't think has been discussed on hear before, which I...
  16. Varadero
    I mentioned in work that I had ordered the new esystem oiler as I am fed up with the lube ending up on the wheel. Some mentioned that they use dry lube. I looked at their bike chains and they look like there is no lube on them. They say that they do have it on but have to respray after rain...
  17. XR
    Anyone every consider put a chain oiler on an XR400. I recently purchased a nice example and the chain was quite dry. I have applied a spray on lube and have used a few times now (must remember each time I go out) but wondered whether a Scott oiler would be a good idea? Any thoughts guys. Not...
  18. Transalp
    Anyone here recommend a lube for my chain for my 2000 tranny? I hear Honda recommend heavy duty gear oil. I use normal sticky chain wax. I use it for 2-up riding and commuting in all weathers, including British summertime rain! Just given it a clean with Muc-off chain cleaner and its ace cant...
  19. Dominator / FMX
    has the dominator/slr/fmx etc got oil in the frame lube?.
  20. Mechanical Advice
    over the past few years of maintaining my eldest sons moped and now nsr125 and my youngest sons moped and now baby vara i have tried just about any chain lube available and have been dissappointed with how long it lasts. recently just before a 100+ mile trip i heard the usaul cry dad can you...
1-20 of 29 Results