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luggage or topbox

  1. Fitting a Givi top box

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone help? I have a '96 model and Givi only list Base plates from 1988-92 and '92-94, however rhe plate is the same for both bikes. Sounds a silly question, but does anyone know if this plate (E200) Will fit a later bike. Also, does anyone know if the grab-handles changed fitting-wise...
  2. Luggage/topbox question

    Africa Twin
    I want to fit a top box to the AT - can I bolt it to the standard rack on the AT? I know the weight limit is 10kg's on my RD04 but I can't be hassled to get a pannier/topbox rack etc. If I used the 4 bolts with some longer bolts and washers to mount it would that be safe/sound etc. Only really...