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  1. Transalp
    Hi, Please would somebody give me an advice on changing the exhaust downpipes? I'm always worried I may shear off the lugs that screw into the cylinder heads when I'm undoing the domed nuts holding the flanges. Also, is there a work around to not having the gasket between the downpipe and the...
  2. Transalp
    Hi all, Could anyone please tell me if a Honda xl650v seat, year 2006 will fit on a Honda xl650v year 2001. I have been offered one to buy but just want to make sure it will fit, looking at the photos he has supplied the plastic lugs under the seat look identical. Cheers, Spudy
  3. Transalp
    Had to retire, for now, the 600. Got myself a very nice condition 650. Couple of issues i've seen so far : The facia on the clocks is very difficult to take off, I need to change the indicator relay for LED one, not easy to get it off. I've taken all the screws that I can see out, have even...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone out there got a good chainguard for an RD07a as mine has a split on one of the mounting lugs.
  5. Mechanical Advice
    I want to fix a few broken lugs and some small cracks on my fairings. I dont want to spend a fortune on fancy plactic welding kits etc or have them done professionally. I dont see the point as im more than likely to drop her or have a skid as im a new rider, so i know they will get broken again...
  6. Transalp
    Hi all - I bought a yellow h11 bulb for the headlight and tried to fit it - but I found out that the bulb base is thicker on the yellow one compared to the OEM one (see pic), so it won´t fit, the lugs cannot reach the inside of the reflector. I thought H11 was H11; has anyone come across...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale right hand side panel in excellent condition £45 posted or £40 pickup all lugs in place if your decal is scratched etc maybe a good buy for somebody postage is for uk Was going to use as a spare but not needed now<br><br><img...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Couldnt sleep so I cut off the tank mounting lugs early this morning to do a mock up and figure out where to start cutting.:blob6: Rear end is from a Honda 650 Nighthawk I had lying around in my box of bits,just need to weld up the frame loop.:D:D:D
  9. BMW
    I mate managed to over torque the bolts for the rear Wheel. As a result a series of cracks developed around the lugs. See Pictures:
  10. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have some dommie parts for sale due to me building a flat tracker. Parts surplus to requirements are: Re-covered seat (looks nice and I did it myself):rolleyes: Tank Front fairings (not in good shape but lugs intact) Side panels Exhaust silencers Headlight and brackets. As I live in Denmark...
  11. Transalp
    Few of my side fairing's lugs are missing, what is the best way to repair, replace them?
  12. Africa Twin
    Got a bargain set of engine bars off fleabay, they have seen lots of wear but with a good rub down and a coat of paint they'll do. No idea what make they are but the mounting is off the radiator mounts and bashplate, are all RD7 bars like that, seems a bit weak. They're going on a RD4 so the...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm desperately looking for the above named part :) Must be in usable condition, fixing lugs must be undamaged, I don't mind fixable cracks, scratches. Color is irrelevant.
  14. Bodgers Corner
    These lugs snap so easily and have one missing on the TA and thought I would try and get someting done to help keeping it in place. Heres the one that needed looking at And this is where it flaps about loose Small bolt looks like it will fit Used a Urethane adehesive given to me by a mate...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hello, The @ that I have just bought has a small fuelling issue whereby it 'hunts' when on a constant throttle. To start can anybody identify the Facet fuel pump that is fitted, I just want to check that it's the correct model for an @. I cannot indetify the model easily as the mounting lugs...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Aftermarket stand to fit trail, trials, enduro type motorcycle make(s) unknown Steel construction, mounts to underside of motorcycle via lugs either side of mount plate. Pivot bearing is nylon I have had it in the garage for years may have been for XT Yamaha or early TA or ??? Leg length has...
  17. Mechanical Advice
    Should this go in bodger corner?? Coming home from work a few weeks ago on my recently purchased Africa Twin I was aware of a kind of graunchy whooshing noise coming from the front of the bike. On closer inspection the the RH disc was out of true by around 3-4mm causing the brake calliper to...
1-17 of 17 Results