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  1. The lure of the dark side may have proved too much...

  2. Lure of the orange beast

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    I have just got back from my local KTM dealer where I test rode a 990 Adventure. WOW - what a bike. PLUS points - fantastic engine, pulls really hard in any gear, sounds great, even thought it a lot taller than my TA the balance is fantastic, within a couple of minutes I was quite happy to stop...
  3. Hate, greed, fear..the lure of the dark side was too strong!

    Well I have finally done it! I have sucumb to the dark side!! (R1150RT) I hate not being able to ride at more than 70 for an hour without getting numb hands and feet, and wet t'boot! I hate cleaning my @!! It gets in behind everything! I want it all! weather protection...... adjustable...