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  1. XL700 with Leo Vince can

    Decided today to take the dB killer out of my Leo Vince LV One Evo II slip-on, sounds better so I thought I'd leave it out. But I was reading the little booklet it came with and it says :- 'in case of use of the exhaust in the open version (without dB killer), it is necessary to remove the...
  2. Honda XL700 Service Manual

    I have been looking for this on and off for a while. Full .PDF; It is in English
  3. MIVV or LV

    Africa Twin
    MIVV is slighly less expensive. Which one shoud I go for?
  4. In the pub with LV at the National

    I was in fits of laughter when I remembered this conversation in the "Arch" Geoff had told me some time ago that our german friends in general had trouble in pronouncing some of our words so I put it to the test I waited until the Vaders had come into the pub and until Vader had consumed a...
  5. LV can you read this

    A semi serious experiment
  6. LV prepare to be jealous

    Look I've got more bling
  7. LV's Ice Faries have moved!

    They were out in force round here this morning - the stealth squad had been hiding their work round corners and in the shadows of trees! First time I've been off on tarmac for ages! My bum, back and helmet hurt! :(. AND I've scratched some bits of my new bike - bar end and footpeg, bottom...
  8. Hey LV

    How about some pics then.:D