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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Trying to find out what size thread are the oil connections on my RD08 frame. I know the oil filler cap is M20 x 2.5 Looking to find out what the otherconnections are
  2. Chatter
    M20 Bridge Collapse: Motorway Travel Chaos As Biker Injured That's one lucky biker! How the hell can this lorry go down this road and take out this bridge?
  3. 600

    Get bidding all you 600 fanatics
  4. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Anybody tried these out ?? Went to order new boots for the old girl today, don't do Anakee 2's any more got this new Anakee 3 tyre. Looks like a fekin slick :( Completely different pattern. Supposed to be 90% road , 10% off ??? Not sure about this, been with Michelin for a while, ok the last...
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    on ebay nothing to do with me honda transalp spares, good wheels and engine sandracing? | eBay
  6. Transalp
    has any one tryed these trail attack on the ta, had these road attack on my cbf m2 and they wore down with in 2700 miles they where almost gone any thoughts looking for v good wet tyres for the winter months in wales:rolleyes:
  7. Spotted
    This morning about 07-30 by new private hospital Bearsted, heading towards M20 way. Very nice RD03/04. Not seen in Maidstone before, anyone from here?????:thumbup:
  8. CRF - New Forum!
    Well I had a look at the crf250l in my local honda dealer and it looks fine for my needs but my big question is if I join my local TRF could this bike cope with a little weekend trail work? Also started looking at ktm200exc!
  9. Chatter
    I almost bought a Transalp today but I took the wrong turning on the M25 and ended up buying a KTM Adventure 990 instead. Oh well I tried.
  10. Moto Guzzi
    ITALIAN MOTOR magazine: V7 Scrambler from Portugal
  11. Chatter
    How's this for a winter project? Rare Hawker Siddeley Harrier P1127(RAF) Serial Number XV281, Harrier Jump Jet | eBay :toothy8:
  12. Spotted
    Around 9am this morning London bound on the M20 passing Maidstone Black A/T with aluminium Panniers, looking very smart. Was it someone local ? :thumbup:
  13. Chatter
    Hi I have to travel from Bracknell to norfolk to get to the national. Going to leave after lunch, just want to know when the afternoon rush starts so I can miss it. Rick
  14. Buell / Harley Davidson
    I am thinking about a change of bike, I quite fancy an AT , it seems from MCN, reports that the 750 engine is easy to live with and smooth. The bit that bothers me is the fact that it's heavier, has worse fuel consumption and well down on power compared to my M2. But the Buell just doesn't...
1-15 of 15 Results