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  1. Threadlock or not?

    Gear pedal pivot bolt sheered this morn, on the M60 - which was nice! I changed gear by hand and limped the last couple of miles Anyway, Hunts had one and every bolt on the hanger cracked immediately making removal of the snapped stud a doddle. It literally turned itself out, drilling from...
  2. Varadero and White Tranny on the M60

    Varadero and White TA on the M60 Saw a Varadero filtering on the M60 last night and also a white TA at junction 10 by the barton bridge, gave the tranny the thumbs up (was in the car) and rider looked confused! was it you on either count?? Z:confused::D
  3. M60 Ring road

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Bit bored today, (Busy in the garden) Decided I needed a quick blast but had nowhere in particular to go and not much time before guests arrived for football and BBQ. M60 ring road, 35.5 Miles 24 Minutes Not a bad little run, but the touring screen I fitted this morning creates so much...