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  1. Mabel's Old Man

    Happy Birthday :blob7: :blob7: :blob7: :blob7: :blob7: :blob7: Are you coming away tonight, I'll buy you a pint?
  2. hey Mabel

    it's about time that teddy had the elbow :D:D:D
  3. Mini Mabel name change

    Mini XRVs
    Wanted to let you know I have changed my name to Caitie M Cause that's my name :D and it sounds like one of these which is what my daddy wants
  4. Wellthank you DaveS and Mabel!!!

    Trying to clear my "office" for decorating when during a phone call to Mabel she says " have you seen the new arcade button?" What button sez I? The one in the bar at the top of the forums page. So I thought mmmm something new and clicked on it. I have now wasted the whole afternoon on these...
  5. Kylie NWS ( Mabel don't look or Mrs Alpslapper)

    I make no excuses at all for posting this beware . drool doesn't look good on a keyboard :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. It is Mini Mabel's 11th birthday today

    :( I feel so old. It is her last year in junior school next year big school. We have a fab surprise for her though. We are taking 3 of her friends of for a nice meal and she doesn't know it but I have organised a limo to pick us up. She is going to be sooooo chuffed :D
  7. Done a Mabel

    Yep, footy last night ended suddenly for me when I twisted my knee. It was tears - not from the pain but when the panic set in that I might not make the National. Lots of ice and sleeping with up on a pillow seem to have helped. It is a stiff as a board but I can walk on it and can bend it...
  8. The Rider Formerly Known as Mabel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARRIBEE !!!!! :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6: :occasion6:
  9. Mabel or Sheerybeesomethingorotherwhichicantpronounceanyway ???

    Just a little poll to see what the forum thinks:D
  10. Mabel! As instructed.......

    ........Got some piccies of Tarka and his Ural at Beulieu.:D The days schedule went well out of the window with the weather, but stayed till the bitter (and soggy) end to get them. :wav: Good Show!:wav: Just got back, Wet, Tired, Wet, Cold, Wet, Aching! Did I mention it was WET...
  11. hey mabel

    hows the knee...getting better i hope:glasses7:
  12. Dear Mabel.......

    Well, I promised you pics, & today, finally we got some half decent weather, so, !....but you'll need to follow the links because I don't want to shrink the files ;)
  13. Dave, Mabel, Kymmy or whoever

    Wot's a referral and how come I've only got one is it like a recommendation (or just another ASBO) :toothy8:
  14. Mabel's Inheritance

    has taken a severe pounding 2.7V6 Tdi
  15. Mabel's modelling career

    I've just had an email from England Rugby and this pic was staring at me. Is Mabel modelling for England? or is it Mr Mabel? And what will all their Welsh rugby-playing mates say wearing that England strip (or can I only get away with asking this as they are away on hols)?
  16. Congrats Mabel on your

    promotion :thumb: Or am I the last one to notice :?
  17. Mabel's Inheritance

    is in serious danger. Somebody I know is selling this
  18. Mr Mabel got his results today..............................

    and he got a 2:2 Ba (hons) in post compulsory education - isn't he clever
  19. hello mr mabel

    hiya mate you just couldnt resist it could you :D now all you need is the japanize zero to sit along side your stuka :lol: