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  1. XL700 Owners Manual PDF

    Well, I've given up searching for a ready made PDF copy of the XL700 Owners Manual. Having been made redundant recently and with a bit of spare time on my hands I have scanned in the English version of my manual as jpegs. I've then inserted the lot into a Powerpoint slide presentation and then...
  2. Motorcycle movies, bad ones and good ones

    A Movie, possibly interesting for some; THE WOMEN’S MOTORCYCLE EXHIBIT FILM | BEHIND THE SCENES W/LANA MACNAUGHTON | The Selvedge Yard I thought I start a thread about motorcycle movies. I can't seem to find one on this forum, so perhaps it's time for a motorcycle movie thread? Have you seen...
  3. best way to send an image via email

    Hi Guys my daughter does a bit of drawing and is trying to find out the best way to send Hi Res images via email.She uses an Apple Mac Pro and has photo shop on it.I said maybe she could send the image in a Zip file ,She gave me a dirty look as in i don,t think that will work.I dont know if you...
  4. One for RickSkye!

    or other west coast sea-farers... Basically, do I need to take tie-down straps for Mallaig - Armadale crossing? Planning a long ride home, Edinburgh to Gairloch via Dunvegan & the Bealach, next Friday (after last MSc exams); have to make the 10.55 boat though, meaning c. 05.00 depart from the...
  5. Travel photography

    Just been reading this thread on by mac inger, and it reminds me what level of photography is possible while travelling on a bike. Just well composed photos (albeit with post processing) taken with relatively simple gear. Some photos from the thread: For the non-bike...
  6. Big mac's back

    The Longest Day
    Three of us back safely, ray, neil and ade. brilliant trip , thank you to everyone who worked so hard to organise everything , how you managed to order that weather was the best , stopped in a beach place called inch, irish girls in bikini's !!! :p never seen that before !! NICE MEETING...
  7. message for big mac

    I just realised that you sent me a message. I could not see any reply button so I took the liberty of making a thread. We meet at Castlecary every 2nd Tuesday the next is tomorrow 23rd march We have tables in lounge bar through front door our club is called Caledonian Reivers I plan to be there...
  8. i Mac

    How many people on here use an iMac and would they go back to a windows pc
  9. Attention Mac Users

    Who have a Garmin GPS, at last we've moved from beta to the real thing: News: Download: -Simon
  10. big mac's vara.

    :glasses8:here's my new bike,. having a bit of work done next week, new leo vince exhausts power commander, K and N air filter. let you all know how it feel's after. me and five mates, off to le touquet france 2nd feb to the enduro race, 1000 bikes on the beech , cant...
  11. Big Mac BOGOF vouchers

    Chatter Not really everyones idea of a meal but as thier offering buy a bigmac and get one free it's not to be sniffed at. Kymmy :cool:
  12. Question for Mac P

    Africa Twin
    Hi Mac P. I've seen some pics of Cavemans new top boxes, and am quite interested in getting one for my dommie. I had a quick look at yours down at Chelse Bridge, but didnt realize until the other day where you got it from. Just wondering if you have any close up pics of inside/outside and...

    Africa Twin

    MAC P - piccy of repsol colours I know - its a ktm, but would look cool on an @ ? :D :D