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  1. Can you fit a kickstart to any NX650?

    Dominator / FMX
    I have sold my Dominator but still have a few engine parts left. One set I thought might be useful is a complete engine side casing, kickstart drive and kickstart for someone who wants to convert their NX650 without a kickstart to one that has it. I'm pretty sure that the engine cases will fit...
  2. Great contact for machined / fabricated parts

    Africa Twin
    If you need any one-off parts machining for your bike you could do alot worse than checking out this guy: Highly recommended :thumbup:
  3. Help needed: Machining of new overlong 43mm fork caps for Varadero, e.g. +35mm.

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi folks. Any one reccomend where I could get an overlong set of fork caps made up for the Vara? I think +35mm or so should be right, idea to increase the front ground clearance a bit, but mainly to change the geometry a touch to minimise the front wheel tuck in inherent with a 19" wheel and a...
  4. I need some machining work done

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm in need of some machining work done, (eg; making a couple of profiled, round washers/discs a couple of inches in diameter & about 15mm thick), made from steel or Aluminium. Anyone able/willing to do the job or know of someone willing to take on smaller jobs, without breaking the bank...
  5. Machining out of true disc mounting lugs.

    Mechanical Advice
    Should this go in bodger corner?? Coming home from work a few weeks ago on my recently purchased Africa Twin I was aware of a kind of graunchy whooshing noise coming from the front of the bike. On closer inspection the the RH disc was out of true by around 3-4mm causing the brake calliper to...
  6. XR400 barrel machining

    I need my barrel machined to take a 440 sleeve. Can anyone recommend a firm to do the job, preferably in Beds, Herts, Bucks or Cambridgshire, and the closer to Bedford the better, but failing that, the best place Nationwide. Thanks