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  1. XTZ 850 for sale

    Other Bikes
    Here ya go Jenna/Kymmy................ Ofizial Yamaha XTZ 750 (92) from DAKAR Spanish Dakar Rider Xavi Riba New engine revamp with trx 850, full öhllins, suspension, 60 L Benzin, Magnesium, Titan, Spare parts, oficial YZE 750 Motor and Much More. Ready to Race Can show it on Madrid...
  2. Madrid/Zaragoza....

    I am trying to find somewhere in either Madrid or Zaragoza thats happy to store some bikes/quad in mid July (between Baja Spain and HUMM), if anyone has any connections with this area then please drop me a PM.
  3. Spooky, or what

    I've not checked on the authenticity of the facts listed in this; it could all be totally made up crepe. But if it's real it's worrying. Particularly the Wingdings bit! The Secret behind the number 11 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb has 11...
  4. Allow myself to introduce ...err myself

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. My name is Dylan and I'm a confirmed @ lover. Just back from 10 days in Spain with my buddy Matt, our first motorbike tour, which I enjoyed tremendously (for the most part). Headed straight to the fabulous Picos de Europa first. It was just like being in the Alps really. Very green...
  5. Stop Ronaldo

    Probably way out of order but what the heck :twisted: There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting, diving, pretty boy antics designed mainly to get himself a lucrative transfer to Real Madrid and thus avoid...
  6. Southern Spain trip - advice/company

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Had a look through the forum and usual websites/books, but personal recommendation is always best IMO. I am planning to slowly extend my travels: Cambridge to Ipswich commute. Done. Cambridge to Oxford. Booked. Cambridge to Newport. Booked. Cambridge to Offenburg (South Germany). Nearly...
  7. Presentation from Spain

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everybody Just incredible that a forum dedicated to Dominator exists in the web :shock: I own one ot those very good machines so called Honda Dominator, mine is from 1991, Japan made, and im really happy with it. No latest technology, no latest image, but reliability good quality of...