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  1. XRV750N 1992 RD04 magneto question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Can anyone tell me or even better show me pictures of the differences between magneto rotors on an RD04, RD07 or transalp. The motor I bought a while ago only had one pulse coil and the magneto has eight little bumps near the edge. My motor has two pulse coils now as per the recesses in the...
  2. Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI?

    Honda XL125 points conversion to later CDI? I notice that the engine cover is different and of course the head. Can the magneto/cover and flywheel be made to fit ? Swap heads and thats about it. Anyone done this?
  3. Honda CT/XR 125 CDI no spark ?

    The bike is a Honda 125 farm bike, here sold as a CT125. 1988 not sure if it is original, bitsa. It has CDI.Same engine a the XL 125 The bike was going well, then the lad rode it on the farm and said it was miss-firing. I rode a day later and it conked out. Pushed it back to the shed and found...
  4. 1978 Honda XL 125 lights

    Hi I'm new to this forum but I'm a proud owner of a 1978 Honda xl125. It runs fairly well. I traded a ps4 for the bike its original color and all that. Well I got a new 6v battery Andi have yet to active it. But I trying to put lights all-around the bike like headlight and taillight and...
  5. For Sale: Honda xl250 1983 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    well guys and girls ive got a shed load of parts here ive sold a few bits on ebay but have decided to log back in to my old account and offer them to you guys although not all are in pristine condition more like cosmetically tatty they have to be needed by someone?? i bought 2 bikes plus a...
  6. XL125 1976 Wiring

    Hi there, i've recently started the restoration of a 1976 Honda XL125, and the engine is missing the points and the points plate and housing etc, as these parts were taken by the previous owner to use in another engine. I'm wondering what the best way of making an electrical system would be...
  7. XRV750 not turning over

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    My XRV750 stalled when I was at idle waiting at an intersection the other day. Starter motor would not turn motor at all. I removed plug on magneto cover and one spark plug from each cylinder then placed a ratchet on the magneto nut. Found that I could turn the motor 1 & 3/4 turns backwards...
  8. DR350 Oil Leak

    Hi all, I'm new to the DR350 scene so please be gentle with what will I'm be some stupid questions! My '92 DR350 has a really bad oil leak from the magneto/generator cover. I took the cover off and sure enough there was a piece of gasket missing about an inch long. My question is, should there...
  9. Sold: Africa Twin for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin now Sold Sold: Africa Twin for Sale...Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the sale of my beloved was sold via e-bay and I had a Queue of people interested in the end and hopefully it has gone to a good home... It is with regret I am selling my beloved 2001 AT and...
  10. Big and small

    Any object. What's the largest and smallest thing in any series you own. It could be tools or household stuff or even bikes but you have to own them both and take a photo of them. My starter is spanners The large one is around 2 inches and the small one (It is a real magneto spanner) is...
  11. HELP - New Crankshaft?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hoping some smart mechanically minded people can help. As many will be aware my daughter was brought a Malaguti Grizzly 12 by Santa. We used it for a few miles before it broke down. On inspection it appears the crankshaft has broke. But I need guidance in what to do next. So I'll post a few...
  12. Trail Harley - 1959 XLCH

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    Some years ago I had a real off-road Harley, a XLCH replica built up from a 1959 XLH plus some later iron Sportster bits. Had a stroked engine from 883 to 1100 a common mod in the 60's, modified magneto to coil ignition, sold it as I hurt my back before I completed it. These bikes were said to...
  13. honda mtx 125 starting problems

    Mechanical Advice
    i have an honda mtx 125cc,, i have recently broung an new ignition coil and spark plug, i have lots of wires coming from the magneto, i have checked the wires and i get a shock from the red and black wire,, so i wired that to the coil and also earthed it out on bike frame, but still i dont get a...
  14. 6-7 hours to do tappets!!!!!!!!!

    :rolleyes:I'm going to get you lot!!!! What a nightmare:( My old airhead BMs, 15 to 20 minutes. Four cylinder Bandit, hour or so. Transalp, 6.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2006 Transalp, I learned quickly that the Haynes manual only goes to 2002. The previous owner had fitted crash bars, this...