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  1. Stebel Magnum stopped working

    Mechanical Advice
    Blub Blub! I only installed it the other weekend, and it made such a brilliant racket! :thumbup: However, I went to use it the other day and...nothing :( Like Lutin, I had to extend the spade connectors that went into the original horn with a couple short lengths of 5 amp wire, and this...
  2. Hootaz, Nautilus or Magnum?

    Mechanical Advice
    I recently posted my positive experiences pf the Stebel Magnum as an alternative to the bulkier Nautilus, with almost no compromise in volume. Conincidentally, my TA horn is patheticness made real and really needs to be ditched. The problem for me is acquisition. There are not the plethora of...
  3. Fitting Stebel Magnum to 2004 Transalp

    Bodgers Corner
    Right then, I think that I've chased away all the gremlins (famous last words) and got my new Stebel Magnum horn fitted to my 2004 Transalp. To start, remove the plastic bash plate and the original horn together with it's mounting bracket. This last step does involve the removal of the two...
  4. Problem with Stebel Magnum

    Mechanical Advice
    Help! I'm having a problem with the Stebel Magnum horn that I've bought off Nippy Normans. Made up a nice bracket to fit it in place of the original horn on my Transalp - but everytime I tighten the nut it sounds "strangled". Loosen the nut - nice and loud - tighten the nut - strangled sound...
  5. Marzocchi Magnum or Shiver on the @... Anyone ???

    Africa Twin
    Hello from Greece! :) I have been browsing through this forum for sometime and I decided to post a couple of questions regarding the Marzocchies from AQ. Has anyone of you guys fitted the Magnum or the Shiver on your bikes? I found some threads regarding this issue, but they are a bit old...