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  1. My Africa Twin has no head for heights - Altitude Problems with RD 04

    Africa Twin
    After a 30 year ‘rest’ from motor biking I bought a 1991 Africa Twin XRV 750 RD 04. Had not problems with in until staying in the Alps last year the bike suddenly started running very rich, with loss of power and difficult tick over. I wear an altimeter watch for trekking and eventually...
  2. Power increase from changing airbox, jetting and exhaust?

    Africa Twin
    First post on the forum. Moderators, please guide me right if these questions has already benen answered elsewhere on the forum. 1A. Assume that we start with an unmodified RD04 - how much can the power (horsepower, torque) be increased by modifying airbox, changing air filter, changing...
  3. Varadero 125 rejetting

    hi i have a honda varadero 125 v1, My exhaust rotted out, and my air filter had a hole init, so in my haste. I went out and got a venom full exhaust and a performance air filter. i have tried for weeks to get the carb set right but its having non of it. i can get it close but its still not how...
  4. size of main jet removel spanner

    I've ordered some alternative main jets for altitude. In the XR400 Haynes manual it says the main jet can be removed via the drain plug on the float bowl. Honda don't supply whatever type spanner is used for this, does anybody know what size and type of spanner fits?
  5. 1986 xl 600 lm jets

    HI there can anyone tell me where i can buy main jets or a full jet kit for xl 600 lm cheers! :rolleyes:
  6. XL600V carbs

    Hello from norway! I have a 1995 Transalp where the fuel/air mixture screw in one of the carbs broke the other day, the adjuster screw in the right was so corroded that when I finally got it out, it had stripped all the threads as well... I have found a set of carbs from a 1996 transalp, but...
  7. xl650 v5 running rich.

    I´ve removed the PAIR system, the catalytic converter(sorry environment) and installed new main jets, 125´s, and the bike is still running rich. I´m riding around south america and my altitude changes from sea level to upto 5000m (Ill be hitting boliviar in a few months). The bikes running rich...
  8. Ham fisted Teuchter

    That's what I am :( I was trying to get one of the main jets out of the old beemer and the friggin thing came off in my hand :mad::mad: Are all main jets the same ? and should I buy the main jet holder thingy as well ? Oh, it's a '78 R80/75 Cheers chappies
  9. Sold: 650 Transalp/Transrat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Ok all, a tentitive toe in the water! Up for sale is my 2001 "Y" xl650v Transalp, which I purchased through a forum member. I have owned this bike for over 5 years & has never failed me. The previous owner prepped the bike for a trip which ended on the first day, the bike suffered cosmetic...
  10. 125 Main jets

    I'm after some 125 main jets for my 650 Tranny but not having much luck with t'internet. I've searched google, ebay and wemoto with no luck and David Silver don't list them on their website. Thanks in advance. rob
  11. Stuck in Mexico City with failing bike. Power loss in 4.5-5.5k rev range. Help needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi there. This is my first post since joining and I wish I had had found the time earlier to introduce myself and what I'm up to, before begging your help with a problem. But that wasn't to be. I really hope to be able to share good things about our trip soon and to be feeling good about...
  12. Down to reserve in 140 miles

    Africa Twin
    Help! I had the bike rolling roaded a couple of weeks back, the only change was to put 120 main jets in. Since then it's been harder to start so I guess the choke mechanism could have been disturbed? I blanked them off ages ago and it always started on the button since some initial problems...
  13. '83 600R carbs

    hi there people, I have a few questions to ask, hoping that people who know their stuff might be able to help me clear up a few carb issues. i have taken the carbs off my bike again and have taken them apart fully. i noticed a few things that i didnt before. Firstly the primary carb's...
  14. Down-jetting for fuel economy

    Africa Twin
    Hello again chaps!! I'm getting my bike ready for a trip next Spring to Africa and decided to tune the carbs using the smallest main jets possible for a good clean spark plug colour and the most miles out of a full tank. I use stock air filter and exhaust. Mine is a 95 model (RD07) and comes...
  15. rejetting transalp 650

    Hi everyone, My transalp start smoking if I rev it hard, I also noticed that the end of the exhausts collect smoke. Just dry smoke. Spark plugs are almost new and I have the feeling its running too rich. Does any one know where to buy those main jets (are they #125???). greets.
  16. For Sale: Various Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all, Sold my bike a couple of months ago now and have been clearing out the garage. UFO universal headlight - £10 - SOLD UFO supermoto mudguard - £10 Honda Dominator flasher relay (from '97 model) - £5 - SOLD XL650 Transalp modd'ed airbox cover (with holes in) - £8 2 x XL650...
  17. Wanted: Keihin Carb jets RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, I am looking to see if I can source some carb main jets for my RD07A so I can try re-jetting to improve the fuelling after fitting a Leo Vince SBK titanium can and pipercross filter. I have 115 standard jets front and rear and am looking for some jets sized above and below this...
  18. jetting??????

    hi i have recently fitted some ABP front pipes to my alp (purchased from a member of this forum many thanks) well made, very very light compaired with standard and look good when fitting, the exhaust clamp holding the end can to the front pipes just kind of crumbled away.... (didnt think it...
  19. Hello from the Sunshine Coast, Australia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi there , name is Brent and have been reading this site for a couple of years and have gotten some good tips from all you other members. Have got a 2004 Transalp 650 which I brought new. Mods are K&N filter, Staintune pipe, Scotoiler and self built alloy bashplate. Will be dropping main jets...
  20. main jets

    hi could anyone tell me where i can get different size main jets from and how much approx thanks