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  1. Main Loom Trouble..... Anyone good with RD04 electrics?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All:) Just returned back home from a global circumnavigation on my XRV 750 RD04 (if anyone is interested: and due to my CDI breaking in china I had to let a Chinese mechanic connect it to another CDI from another bike in order to be able to continue...
  2. Bad earth to tail light

    Dominator / FMX
    My tail light (RD08 Dommie 1999/2000 model) appears to have a bad earth, the light flickers and goes out as revs rise then comes back on again when the revs drop. Does anyone have a tech-numpty-friendly guide to finding the fault? I have checked the bulb is tight, the three connections into the...
  3. For Sale: Transalp parts 600 and 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda NTV 650 barrels and pistons A pair of barrels with pistons and pins from a 650 NTV, Pistons and barrels look OK. May fit other Honda 650 V twins Transalp, Bros, Deauville, the gasket numbers are the same for top and bottom gaskets but the barrels have different numbers, different...
  4. Building your own loom

    Mechanical Advice
    Stripped out the main loom from my RD03 in preparation for pulling the engine for a frame respray. Given that the bike is 20+ years old I'm wondering about replacing/renovating the loom. It looks to be all there, lots of dirt, some corrosion on connectors and some redundancy as I'm using a...
  5. Wanted: Transalp 650 pilot light holder and connecting wire

    For Sale / Wanted
    While I was fitting my Stebel magnum the other day I managed to break one of the wires at the connector where the side/pilot light in the headlight connects into the loom. It's a weird connector with an odd profile and the other end is tightly bound into the main loom. I don't want to open up...
  6. Front cylinder misfire: any ideas?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. I set out this weekend to finally fit a high front mudguard, and (in the way villains speak on Scooby Do when they've been caught) 'it would have been alright if it wasn't for those pesky Africa Twins!' Actually, what happened was I ended up trying to track down and cure an...