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  1. TA 700 maker?

    Just titivating my new to me 700, plugs caps air filter etc noticed the frame number label has Montessa Honda SA stamped on it which is great, I've got two mont 315r trials bikes :cool: but SA, South Africa?
  2. Electrical Components Maker Electrex UK

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Dont know if mention of this company posted before anywhere here but this company looks well useful to source coils, CDI, other parts. Friend sourced new CDI for his XT550 here & said they were vey helpful / knowledgeable so thought i wld pass on for others maybe in need ! Electrical parts for...
  3. Exhaust pipe maker wanted

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone know of a custom exhaust fabricator ??? I`ve got a pair of Ducati carbon fibre Termignoni cans that I fancy fitting to my XLV750R but there will be a need for one-off headers to complete the job...ideally in stainless steel. Thanks in anticipation.