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  1. Standing/riding

    Any of you lot ever been pulled for standing up on the pegs whilst negotiating bumpy bits of public road ? Tomorrow, I have to go see a Maltese cop, that saw me standing on the pegs as I was going over an undulating stretch of Maltese public tarmac.
  2. Maltese Matchless

    One of the elderly motorcycles on display in my Maltese motorcycle insurance broker's place of business ... Nice'n'Black, eh !
  3. My Maltese Sunday

    My Maltese Sunday 3rd November, aboard DRZ400sm, pootling about the island after Girlfriend had flown home to carry on teaching duties. To 'Apple's Eye,' Golden Bay, to meet other motorcyclists and shoot the breeze, whilst drinking excellent cappuccino. After coffee, carry on west, along the...
  4. its not always sunny weather in Malta :)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok you all... everybody seems to think that it is always nice weather in Malta. well this is a shot from a favourite spot of mine (Ta Cenc Cliffs with a storm brewing). it started to rain really hard some 5 minutes after I took this shot....its a good rough track by the way, there are some fun...
  5. Chrome-plating in the Uk

    Mechanical Advice
    Ladies & Gentlemen, A Maltese motorcyclist of my acquaintance has asked the following - "My friend Mike wants to chrome some bits on his bike. I was wondering if you know or know somebody who knows REALLY GOOD chrome platers in the UK who do a good long lasting chrome job on steel and...
  6. After the Fireworks

    Africa Twin
    After this evening's edition of the Firework festival, conversation turned to the subject of seeking the source of good advice on matters Africa Twin ... well, quite naturally, I suggested The Esteemed So, as I know from my own fortunate experience that you are all...
  7. Suddenly Sluggish DRZ steering

    At first I thought I was imagining it, a feeling of soggy front-end uncertainty when tipping in. Checked tire pressure and spokes were Ok. At a stand-still, steering moves easily from side to side, with no physical obstruction to movement. With motorcycle in motion, condition now rapidly...
  8. Suzuki DR250

    A 1993 DR250. Any experience of, or advice about 'em ? Contemplating purchase of one as a runabout for visiting son ... 250cc being the largest capacity Maltese insurers will dare allow/insure an almost 20 year old to ride around madhouse Malta upon.
  9. HISS

    In 2008, the Preloved Maltese TA, that became mine, arrived in my life with just the one ignition key (attached to a Torquay fob) that the dealer placed in my sweaty hand. Cue nimble-namble music and fast forward to the month of May 2010 ... I'm intending lending that same TA to a Young Doctor...