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  1. Arrow exhaust manifolds

    Africa Twin
    Hi i was looking at my exhaust which is in good condition (from what i can see) but i was looking for alternative SS options are arrow the sole manufacturer of aftermarket manifolds ? Also if you have one are there any benefits over standard ? Weight ,performance etc
  2. Heat wrap headers

    The exhaust headers on the transalp, are a sight for sore eyes. Surface rust galore! I've been considering heat wrapping the headers, which I've done previously on car exhaust manifolds. If I was to heat wrap the bike exhaust, with it being open to the elements, if it gets soaked from rain...
  3. Carb problem on 1999 Transalp

    My Transalp will only run on one cylinder on idle, it will pick up and run fine from about 2.5K rpm upwards. It's the rear cylinder and I have had the carbs off and apart numerous times. Bike has been off the road for last 12 months as I've been rebuilding it after getting powder coating and...
  4. For Sale: xr250r 277cc 2001 in kent

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi chaps, due to lack of a job and moving to a flat (no shed argh!) I have to sell my beloved boys toy. Its a 2001 Model which i gave a SERIOUS overhaul to last year. Its had about 20 hours use since So as its an XR the next overhaul needs to be in about 2050 Here is what she's had done; 77mm...
  5. I have to sell my beloved 280 :( and a pile of bits. Any ideas on value?

    Hi chaps, Ive just returned from a 13 month holiday and the bank balance is looking very sad indeed. This means that (unfortunately) im going to have to part with my baby. What i would like from your well informed selvs is an opinion on the value. Its a 2001 Model which i gave a serious...
  6. Engine ID

    Can anyone help me identify this engine ? is it a 600, 650 cc? I'm guessing its from a Transalp my the smaller exhaust manifolds,
  7. Completed rebuild

    Hi all, id just like to have a little boast about my finished XR restoration (ok, so its only a 01 model maybe restoration is a bit strong) Heres what ive done; 77mm piston giving 277cc (WEISCO) Intake and exhaust ports smoothed and matched to manifolds, Stainless steel racing exhaust (CRD)...
  8. Tutoro Chain Oiler

    Mechanical Advice
    Well, after the complete failure of my diy bodged chain oiler (it oiled everything but the chain), i came across this: New TUTORO TWIN FEED Motorcycle Chain Oiler on eBay, also Tools Equipment, Accessories, Motorcycle Parts Accessories, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 11-May-09 22:02:53 BST)...
  9. Are these pics of the restrictors in RD03 ???

    Africa Twin
    Hi all,i took the carbs off to see if there was anything floating around that could cause my misfire but they were clean inside. I also wanted to have a look at the inlet manifolds as in one of my previous posts was posted a line drawing showing restrictions in them. When i removed them, as...
  10. RD03 tank removal - anything i have to know ??

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i got a set of plugs today and i'm going to stick them in tomorrow, i've only had the bike 6 weeks or so and havent had the tank off before. Is there anything i need to know ?. I cannot see any positions marked on the 2 fuel taps ( why are there 2 fuel taps??) so if someone can tell me...
  11. xlr250 running hot, lean or OK ?

    Can anyone tell me if XLR250 have a tendency to run hot or lean ? Set up is standard I think for a Jap inport although the main jet at 119 seems a bit small cf to standard around 122 ? Starting hot or cold, running and tickover are all fine except top speed seems a bit slow ( max cruising is...
  12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    My Vara's not liking the recent snap of cold weather. Noticeably down on power, requiring more revs to get to "normal speed", feeling like I'm dragging a weight behind me (other than myself of course) and popping and banging like a goodun on the over run. Oh and not keen on idling either unless...